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the financial impact holds surprises. Only accessible to wealthy pockets?

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the financial impact holds surprises.  Only accessible to wealthy pockets?

For about a decade, the auto industry has been trying to move towards electric, but the road to achieving a zero-emissions entire fleet still seems long. Several circumstances are hampering the widespread acceptance of electric cars (EVs) by all potential buyers. One major barrier is cost: EVs often command a significantly higher price tag than their combustion-engine counterparts.

In Italy, the march towards electric mobility is particularly slow. In addition to the high purchase prices, the operating and additional costs are also prohibitive. From the point of view of maintenance, insurance and refuelling, everything seems to be more complicated, making EVs less attractive for the majority of Italian motorists. Many choose to put their savings towards the care and maintenance of their current cars instead of taking advantage of incentives and bonuses to buy new electric vehicles. This choice could perpetuate the age of the national car fleet instead of modernizing it in view of a zero-emissions future.

The hidden obstacles

Producing an all-electric car involves much higher costs than those normally incurred for cars with traditional engines. The costs of charging have recently reached unprecedented levels, the waits at the charging stations are increasingly long and this ecological choice of mobility is not as easy as it seemed.

Initially, it was thought that EVs could offer both fuel cost and overall lifetime benefits, especially for those residing in certain regions of the country. This belief, however, has been proven to be wrong. The idea had gained ground that the electric car, despite its relatively high initial cost, could in the long run at least reduce the amount of vehicular taxes.

There are serious concerns about growing public skepticism about electric cars. Due to the disproportionate increase in prices in the sector, this type of car will eventually be accessible only to the wealthier segments.

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An inconvenient fee

I Swiss citizensovernight, fell victim to the decision of the Zurich government of apply a new car tax for electric vehicles. Official sources report that the Federal Council wants to examine this proposal by the end of the year and the entry into force of this provision could take place shortly.

At the moment the current taxation for electric cars differs according to the canton, but this new tax could standardize all taxation criteria. The recent announcement highlights the concern that the Italian government may also introduce additional car taxes, for those who own or want to buy an electric car in Italy

With the arrival of new taxes, we are likely to see a decrease in new car sales and an increase in interest in the used market. At the same time, dealerships could be impacted, leading to a possible downturn in the industry.

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