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The fire in Xinjiang has created a second Karamay. The small chaos will continue and the chaos will not be far away (Figure) Urumqi | CCP | Fire | Clear | Communist Party |

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The fire in Xinjiang has created a second Karamay. The small chaos will continue and the chaos will not be far away (Figure) Urumqi | CCP | Fire | Clear | Communist Party |

On November 27, police blocked Urumqi Road in Shanghai, where protests against the CCP’s “zeroing out” policy took place after a deadly fire broke out in Urumqi, Xinjiang. (Image credit: HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

On November 24, mainland time,Urumqi, XinjiangA fire broke out in a building in Jixiangyuan Community, Tianshan District. According to official statistics, the fire caused 10 deaths, including young children. However, the number of civilian casualties far exceeds the official data. How many people died? .

The fire in Urumqi has become a national emergency, sparked by officials’ condescending attitude and callous disregard for life. The public blamed the fire on the government’s zero-clearing policy. According to local residents, the neighborhood committee sealed the doors of every household, and even locked the door of the unit building. In this way, residents have nowhere to escape in the face of an emergency. However, However, the official insisted that the owner’s door was not sealed. Whether the door was closed or not, only conscience and heaven know the truth.

In fact, on the day of the incident, a self-media blogger wrote an article “The road is open, they don’t run”, which counted the fakes made by the government. First of all, until November 25, the community where the incident occurred was still a national high-risk area. To slap Urumqi officials in the face, Xinhua News Agency helped the officials spread rumors together, please remember.

Secondly, the fire is burning, and there are crazy people who ask everyone to stay at home and not go out. Some people say that the smoke is coming up. The naive anti-epidemic personnel came up with the idea of ​​blocking the door with wet towels. People who say such things are no different Yu committed murder.

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When the fire started, the fire trucks could not enter the community because the community had long been completely isolated from the world by iron fences. The first time the firefighters arrived was not to fight the fire, but had to remove the barriers. Spraying water outside the gate of the community to put out the fire, what is called scratching the itch, it is no wonder that such a distance can save the fire.

However, this manuscript was deleted as soon as it was published. The official goal from the very beginning was to try to silence people. However, the official second wave of operations perfectly explained what it means to be invincible if you are the cheapest.

In the official press conference in Urumqi, officials brazenly blamed the cause of the accident on residents’ weak self-defense and self-rescue ability. The last time Xinjiang officials were so shameless was nearly 30 years ago. On December 8, 1994, the fire in Karamay claimed 325 lives, including 288 children.

After the fire broke out, Kuang Li, a good party cadre, shouted to the students at the scene, “Don’t move, let the leaders go first.” CCP members and cadres were able to escape.

After all, so many people died, and Kuang Li was finally sentenced to four years in prison because of that sentence. However, for the Communist Party cadres who were at the scene at the time, Kuang Li had saved their lives, so when she came out of prison, Kuang Li went back to prison again. After joining the party, she once again became a member of the CCP. There were even rumors that she re-entered the officialdom and served the people again.

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At that time, Karamay’s experience was that stability prevailed over everything. Today, the fire in Urumqi, the CCP officials followed the lessons of that disaster. They never try to solve the problem, but solve the person who raised the problem. This fire is an example.

Ever since, the fire in Urumqi became the real trigger, especially for the people in the mainland. I would like to ask the people in the world who have experienced the pain of the three-year lockdown except the mainland. So from Urumqi all the way to the east, Lanzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu , Chongqing, Beijing, and Shanghai, the world‘s bitter fellows finally came together, and what’s even more rare is that people have gradually mastered the correct way to open up against the blockade.

The so-called correct opening method is nothing more than “the Communist Party steps down, Xi Jinping steps down.” Regarding stepping down, it first appeared in the mouths of protesters on Urumqi East Road in Shanghai. According to Beijing’s media colleagues, Beijing also shouted “The Communist Party steps down, Xi Jinping steps down.” ultimate solution.

In fact, when people understand that taking to the streets is not just about unblocking but freedom, this tide will really have some power for the CCP. If you are more careful, you can read the recent propaganda draft of the CCP’s mouthpiece. Xi Yizun suddenly retreated to the second line , The State Council was pushed to the front line, at least it shows that the top leaders of the CCP are also under great pressure in the face of diffuse protests.

A demonstrator hung a sign that said, I was the one who jumped off the building, I was the one who was in the overturned bus, I was the one who walked away from Foxconn, I was the one who was refused treatment, and I had no income for several months It was me, and it was me who died in the fire. If it’s not me, it might be me next time.

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In addition to gathering in the embassy area near Sanyuan Bridge, Beijing citizens even gathered under the symbolic Sitong Bridge. Peng Zaizhou’s call for reform and not the Cultural Revolution was once again widely spread. Perhaps the stone man has one eye, and the historical turning point that provokes the rebellion of the Yellow River is about to take place.

For this massive demonstration, I most appreciate the bold words of the Shanghai citizens. If the Communist Party can be established in Shanghai, Shanghai can let the Communist Party end in Shanghai. I share this with you!

(The article only represents the author’s personal position and point of view)

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