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The Fosen Sámi receive a visit from a UN agency

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The Fosen Sámi receive a visit from a UN agency

The visit, which starts on Friday, will result in a report with recommendations for how Norway safeguards the rights of indigenous peoples through national legislation.

– Natural encroachment in Sami areas is on the agenda, and we are going on inspections to Laksefjordvidda and Rásttigáisá, Nussir and Repparfjord, as well as the wind power plants at Fosen. Furthermore, there will be meetings with both affected Sami, municipalities and industry. We have worked for several years to arrange this visit, and the background is the enormous pressure on nature and the basis of Sami culture, says Eirik Larsen, head of the Sami Council’s human rights department.

He says they have hopes that the visit from the UN will be able to contribute to never again experiencing a case like the Fosen case.

– This is the first time the expert mechanism has visited Norway, and the purpose of the visit is, among other things, to get advice on how the right to free and prior informed consent can be implemented in Norwegian legislation. It is important that the expert mechanism gets to meet and talk with Sami communities, rights holders, representatives from several levels of government, and representatives from the private sector, says Larsen.

Before the meeting, the UN has expressed that they want to hear how land encroachment affects Sami society.

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