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‘The Franciscan economy’: building an evangelized economy – Vatican News

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‘The Franciscan economy’: building an evangelized economy – Vatican News

Pope Francis signed a “pact” with young people in Assisi on September 24, pledging to work together to build an evangelized economy.

(Vatican News Network)Pope Francis visited Assisi on the morning of September 24, attended the “Economy of Francis” event in person, and signed a “contract” with a thousand young people from 120 countries. In this compact, all the young people present pledged to devote their future lives to a common mission to build a new economy, one that builds “an economy of peace, not war; an economy that opposes the proliferation of weapons, especially The most destructive economy of the proliferation of weapons; an economy that cares for the creatures rather than plunders them.”

These young economists, entrepreneurs, and reformers pledged to spend their lives “to evangelize the economy of today and tomorrow.” An evangelized economy is: “An economy that serves people, families, and lives, respecting every woman, man, child, and elder, especially the most vulnerable and vulnerable; an economy that replaces discarding and An economy of indifference; an economy that abandons no one, thereby building a society where the discarded stone becomes the cornerstone of the house.”

“An economy that recognizes and protects safe and dignified work for all, especially women; an economy where finance is a friend and ally of the real economy and the workforce, not against them; an economy that values ​​and protects human culture and traditions , an economy of all living things and the earth’s natural resources; an economy that fights poverty in all its forms, reduces inequality and is able to say, with Jesus and Pope Francis, ‘Blessed are the poor in God’; an economy based on a human ethic An economy that guides and opens up to the transcendent; an economy that creates wealth for all, an economy that brings joy rather than just being rich, joy not shared with others is not perfect joy.”

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The “covenant” concludes: “We believe in this economy, not a utopian fantasy, because we are building. Some of us, on particularly bright mornings, have seen the beginnings of the Promised Land. .”

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