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The game, Einar Tørnquist | Einar Tørnquist turned down “The Game”: – Will not come out well from it

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The game, Einar Tørnquist |  Einar Tørnquist turned down “The Game”: – Will not come out well from it

These days, the new TV 2 program “The Game” is rolling on the TV screen, where twelve celebrity contestants will live together in a house completely unaware of what they are supposed to do and which rules apply.

The program has received a lot of attention, and especially when Ida Elise Broch (36) chose to send Martine Lunde (28) home, many TV viewers reacted.

Broch received several ugly messages directed at her as a private person, in which several wrote how much they disliked and hated her – which she found both unpleasant and hurtful.

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In the podcast, “Wesselstuen”, presenter and comedian Einar Tørnquist (41) can reveal that he was asked to be a participant in the next season, but that he chose to decline the new concept.

– Many come out badly

Tørnquist says that he has followed this year’s season, and does not hide the fact that many of the participants do not come out very well from the TV participation:

– I declined. I was asked. I don’t think you will come out of it well unless something absolutely incredible happens. I think a lot of people come out of it badly, he says in the podcast episode and continues:

– There are not enough people who like you better. There are those who like you from before like you just as much, then there are some who discover some sides of you that they don’t like anyway.

Furthermore, he mentions “The Game” participant Danby Choi (31) as an example and says, among other things, that he has received a lot of undeserved criticism in this year’s season.

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According to Tørnquist, Choi has only followed the rules of the reality show, but he has still received criticism from the TV viewers:

– I think Danby is absolutely fantastic in “The Game”, but people dislike him in there because people don’t understand what a TV program is. He has only solved the tasks he has been given in there. It’s a fantastic effort, he concludes.

But it is not just “The Game” that Tørnquist has turned down. In front of Nettavisen, the comedian says that he rarely participates in TV programmes.

– I say no to almost everything, so there is nothing unique to “The Game”, he says.

– Incitement is unacceptable

As mentioned, Ida Borch received a lot of incitement and criticism for sending home Martine Lunde from “The Game”. In front of Nettavisen, participant Line Andersen (50) previously stated that there is zero tolerance for participants receiving ugly feedback from TV viewers:

– There is zero tolerance for such behavior on our part. We do not accept that, Andersen told Nettavisen.

The journalist and TV profile made no secret of the fact that the viewers’ treatment of Broch was a wake-up call for the other participants, and said that they are therefore keen to take care of each other – including in a joint chat they all have together.

– We have understood that this can get a bit rough, so we have to take care of each other. We spend time on that, she said.

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Andersen hopes that the participants’ position on the issue can help those who choose to play off the keyboard to think twice before sending incitement and offensive things.

– I hope people simply get their act together. But this is too rough, it’s not okay. There is a fine line between arguing, opposition and disagreement and pure anger.

– Incitement is unacceptable, so we speak out about that, she added.

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