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The gesture with the ex-Flamengo man that made Casemiro criticized at United

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The gesture with the ex-Flamengo man that made Casemiro criticized at United

A 2-1 defeat against Fulhamat Old Trafford, brought a storm of criticism to the team from Manchester United after the final whistle. And not even Casemiro escaped “horns” from fans and journalists.

The midfielder is finished substituted midway through the second half after a heavy head clash with Harrison Reedand left the pitch heading into the second half bleeding.

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The Brazilian’s performance before that, however, was no longer pleasing.

“Careless and provoked a counterattack when they stole the ball from him”, published the newspaper Manchester Evening News about Casemiro’s performance, giving use 4 to United’s number 5.

But it wasn’t just the midfielder’s performance that upset the local media in Manchester United’s defeat.

Casemiro was caught after the final whistle of the first half exchanging shirts with Brazilian Rodrigo Muniz, ex-Flamengo, who plays for Fulham.

Casemiro, from Manchester United, and Rodrigo Muniz, from Fulham, exchange shirts in a Premier League match Michael Regan/Getty Images

The gesture of the steering wheel took the Manchester Evening News recalling a strong statement from United legend Roy Keane.

The former player went crazy when he saw the goalkeeper André Onana hugged with Aaron Ramsdale after the end of the first half of the classic against ArsenalIn September.

“You were going to war, you were going into battle,” Keane said during a TV broadcast. Sky Sports, where he works as a commentator. “That’s what it’s all about.”

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“Everyone thinks I’m old school, but I don’t know why you’d be talking to people you’re about to go into battle with. You’ll be kicking bits and pieces out of each other. Why are you shaking hands? I would shake hands after the game, but not before the battle.”

The home defeat to Fulham ended a four-game Premier League winning streak for Manchester United.

The result could not come at a worse time, as Erik ten Hag’s team will play their FA Cup on Wednesday, and will then visit the City in the Manchester derby in the Premier League.

Manchester United’s next games

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