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“The Goliath is not the minister (Michelle Sol), but the apparatus they have”

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Milagro Navas, the long-standing mayor of Antiguo Cuscatlán, is making a bold move by competing for the municipal seat of La Libertad Este in the upcoming elections on March 3. Navas, who has been mayor since 1988 for the ARENA party, is facing tough competition from Michelle Sol of Nuevas Ideas, who is the Minister of Housing and the wife of the president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro.

In a recent radio interview on La Tribu FM, Navas referred to her opponent as part of a larger political “apparatus”, emphasizing that the real challenge lies in the extensive resources supporting Sol’s candidacy. Despite the obstacles, Navas remains determined to win, stating, “I am the David of the Lord and I am going to win, even if they want to scam me.”

With the recent territorial reorganization that converted municipalities into districts, Navas now has the task of managing an expanded territory that includes Antiguo Cuscatlán, Nuevo Cuscatlán, San José Villanueva, Zaragoza, and Huizúcar. She acknowledges the diverse problems facing La Libertad Este and underscores the importance of collaborating with the central government to address these issues.

Navas also emphasized her commitment to working with President Bukele on joint projects for the benefit of citizens. She dismissed any rumors of conflict with the president, highlighting their history of collaboration. At 71 years old, Navas is not only defending her experience and career but also her dedication to serving the population.

In conclusion, Navas expressed her determination to challenge the political apparatus and work towards the development of La Libertad Este. She criticized her opponent’s proposal to establish a university in the Municipal Palace and instead suggested that the headquarters should be located in La Libertad Este to create employment opportunities.

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As the election date approaches, all eyes will be on the race for the municipal seat of La Libertad Este, where Milagro Navas is prepared to face the challenges ahead.

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