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The head of Israeli military intelligence has resigned over the October 7 “failure”.

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The head of Israeli military intelligence has resigned over the October 7 “failure”.

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Israeli military intelligence chief Aharon Haliva on Monday he resigned in relation to the “failure” of the intelligence services to prevent or limit the attack by Hamas on 7 October 2023. General Haliva is the first army commander to resign after the attacks that caused over 1,200 deaths in Israel, for mostly civilians, and over 250 hostages.

Already the week after the attacks of 7 October, when the Hamas militiamen easily overcame the Israeli defenses and penetrated the interior of the country, General Haliva had assumed his responsibilities: «We did not complete our mission, I I take responsibility for the failure.” According to the Israeli press, Haliva’s resignation could be followed by other changes in the military leadership.

On October 7, during and after the attack, Israeli intelligence and security forces proved grossly unprepared, and this was a key reason for the success of Hamas’s massacre of Israeli civilians. Israel has at its disposal the most consistent and well-funded intelligence system in the Middle East, which includes the Shin Bet, the internal secret services, the Mossad, an intelligence agency that deals with external “enemies”, and the military intelligence services. In the past, the Israeli government had been able to monitor with some effectiveness the movements of Hamas and other forces that threatened its security, launching targeted and bloody preventive operations. In the case of the October 7 attacks, however, he failed to intercept any information on the substantial preparation needed for the attack.

Furthermore, according to an article in New York Times of December Israeli intelligence had obtained a Hamas battle plan for the October 7 attack more than a year before the attack occurred, but had overlooked it because it believed the radical group was incapable of carrying out an operation military so complex and massive.

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Haliva is 56 years old and has been director of military intelligence services, often abbreviated as AMAN, since October 2021, after a long career in the army that began in 1985. In his resignation letter, as reported by Israeli media, Haliva he wrote that the military intelligence did not carry out the task entrusted to it: «Throughout the duration of my assignment, I knew that my authority was accompanied by heavy responsibilities». Haliva suggested that a state commission of inquiry be established that would “thoroughly and comprehensively identify all the facts and circumstances that led to the complex events” of October 7. The resignation was accepted by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

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