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‘The house of the famous Colombia’: Isabella Santiago revealed why she did not want to participate in Miss Universe

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‘The house of the famous Colombia’: Isabella Santiago revealed why she did not want to participate in Miss Universe

Isabella Santiago participated in beauty pageants and is now in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – credit @isabella.san/Instagram

The house of the famous Colombians has not only been the space for controversies due to the discussions between the participants, but it has also opened the space for each of them to tell unpublished details of their personal lives, surprising the audience.

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This is what happened with Isabella Santiago, who revealed that at some point in her career she was invited to represent Venezuela in the most important beauty pageant in the world, Miss Universe. Although she did not dislike the idea, she was already more focused on the world of acting, so she had to make a radical decision.

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“Several times I was offered to participate in Miss Universe and to participate in Venezuela, everyone told me a lot, but there was a moment when I had to say no, because the truth is that at this moment I am very focused on acting.” ”, he commented while speaking with his teammates Sebastián Gutiérrez and La Segura.

The Venezuelan trans actress and model Isabella Santiago explained in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ why she did not accept to be in Miss Universe – credit @isabella.san/Instagram

He also indicated that after prioritizing his acting talent, he decided to change many things in his life. She received the opportunity to work at RCN to star in Lala’s Spa and then went to Spain to perfect her techniques through formal study.

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In this way, he added that he enrolled in Estudio Corazza, which is considered one of the best in the European country and one of the most prominent in the Spanish-speaking world. “It’s very good, I’m dying to study there,” said Gutiérrez.

“I had already been here (in Colombia) for five years, but I moved to Spain in October of last year because the first level started and they just called me for this (The House of the Famous) I spoke at school and they gave me the time for this,” explained the Venezuelan.

In addition to talking about her work, Isabella Santiago stated that in her childhood she always felt that she had a connection with beings that were not from this planet. In conversation with Mafe Walker, they both shared their experiences with extraterrestrials.

“When I was little I dreamed of a canal that came from the earth, upwards, and there was only one tip of a pyramid, although I didn’t know it was a pyramid until I met the pyramids (…) I only saw a canal that came from from the bottom of the earth that rose and it scared me because I felt like I was giant and that I wanted to grab the tips and every time I felt bigger, bigger and I felt desperate, it scared me so much that I refused to sleep,” said the trans artist

Isabella Santiago, from ‘The House of the Famous’, confessed to Martha Isabel Bolaños that she is in love with a partner – credit @isabella.san/Instagram

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Given the shock that the model showed when telling her story, the alien life specialist decreed that “the energy, the hairs begin to rise because it is vibration, it is nice to be able to explain it. The hairs begin to vibrate due to the information we are sharing, it is something that is felt, vibrationally the body is already ready.”

Later, ‘Isa’ added that “when I was at school in history, which was my favorite subject, whenever we had to talk about the history of the Egyptian era I always had an Egyptian queen in my image, for example Nitocris, Cleopatra, who They have been forceful women within the Egyptian era, but they have also been very firm and tough and even more so than men.”

The beauty queen concluded by expressing that “I always had an image of some Egyptian queen, something was happening here (in my mind), but I didn’t understand it because I was supposedly born into the world as a child and I saw I was a queen, so I had this confusion in my mind as to why I am a child. Furthermore, what my mother told me and what society saw was that I was a queen, and when I won an international queenship contest and they gave me the crown, I said I was born with the calling.”

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