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The Hungarian Church introduces the video and theme song of preparations for the 52nd Eucharist Congress-Vatican News

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Cardinal Eldo of Hungary introduced a video of preparations for the 52nd International Eucharist Congress and the theme song of the conference at the press conference a few days ago.

(Vatican News Network)The 52nd International Eucharist Congress will be held in Budapest, Hungary from September 5th to 12th this year. Esztergom-Cardinal Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Budapest, introduced a related video and the official theme song of the current Eucharist Congress at a press conference on June 14.

The three protagonists in this video preparing for the Eucharist Convention are a young woman who specializes in medicine and caring for an elderly female patient; a young rock musician who wears a cross on her chest despite the ridicule of her peers ; A young priest who is going through a difficult time. This official video can be viewed on YouTube. It tells the story of these three young people. At the end of the video, they come to Budapest Cathedral.

The theme song of the Eucharist Congress introduced by Cardinal Eldo at the press conference was actually an “old and new” song at the same time, because it was “an updated version of the song written for the Eucharist Congress in 1938.” That year, it was the last time that Budapest hosted the Eucharist. Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, participated in the Eugenia Congress as the Pope’s special envoy. The conference was held in an atmosphere of tension and fear, because the approach of World War II was felt. Choosing this song as the theme song of the conference is to pray for the peace and unity of all nations and countries.

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At the press conference, Cardinal Eldo also introduced twelve “International Eucharist ambassadors”. They are famous musicians, singers and poets who want to testify for the “Holy Eucharist”. The theme of the International Eucharist Conference in 2021 is “All my fountains are in You” (Psalm 87:7).

Pope Francis announced at a press conference on his way back to Rome from Iraq in March this year that he would go to attend the closing mass of the International Eucharist in Budapest. The Eucharist was originally scheduled to be held in 2020, but due to the new crown epidemic, it was postponed to this year.

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