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The Islamic State magazine has published new threats against Italy and Di Maio

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The ISIS magazine Al Naba returns to threaten Italy and the foreign minister by publishing a photo of Luigi Di Maio at the summit of the anti-Daesh coalition last June in Rome together with the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken. In the article entitled ‘Why the Caliphate scares them!’ there is also a hint of the “conquest of Rome”.

Already in July, the minister had received threats through another editorial in the same magazine. In the periodical there were intimidating phrases and a photo of Di Maio during the plenary of the summit of the anti-Daesh coalition. According to experts, the dissemination of the photo in the foreground together with that of the US secretary of state represents a direct threat to the head of the foreign ministry.

In the editorial, the terrorist group launches a series of threats: “We will proclaim the caliph with bullets and ammunition”; “we will break into your conference rooms”; “To terrorize the infidels is a divine order.” This is the first time that the photo of the Farnesina holder has been placed in the foreground.

“I am close to @luigidimaio for the new, very serious threats received from ISIS terrorists. We are not afraid: his commitment, at the service of the country and international stability, will not be affected by acts of intimidation. Whoever touches Luigi touches each of us” , the president of the 5-star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, wrote on his social profile.


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