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The last days of Prince Philip: “I want to die at home”

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LONDON. “Philip did not want to die in the hospital. And even the queen opposed his new hospitalization”. Revelations about the last hours of the Prince Philip, who died yesterday at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle. According to Daily Telegraph, the health conditions of the spouse of the Queen Elizabeth got worse on Thursday night. At that point, staff and advisors thought they would have the Duke of Edinburgh hospitalized again, after the infection and the last complex heart operation a few weeks ago. But his wife would immediately say no. Without any discussion. And she stayed by the side of the only man and love of her life until the end.

Eight days of mourning, then the message to the nation and the funeral in a restricted form: Elizabeth’s pain

by our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

But it was not just a decision of “Lilibet”, as the sovereign was called by her husband. Because, once back in Windsor Castle after his last stay in hospital, Philip made it clear to everyone: “I want to die at home, not in a clinic bed”. A source continues to the British conservative newspaper: “With the heart surgery they wanted him to live a little longer so that he could turn 100 (which he would have reached in June, ed.). But he really didn’t care about this milestone. He just wanted to stay. in his bed at home. He absolutely didn’t want to die in the hospital. “

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In his final days, Philip would be able to greet all his children in person, Carlo, Anna, Andrea ed Edoardo, during some “super-spaced” meetings, explains the Daily Mirror. The offspring was allowed this because they were all vaccinated, unlike the grandchildren like William and the great-grandchildren, who were unable to say goodbye to their beloved grandfather. At least William however, he would be able to talk to Philip on the phone, a means of communication that the Duke of Edinburgh would continue to use until his last day (apparently he hated Zoom).

Philip, the discreet shadow of Elizabeth. He even dared to contradict her

by Enrico Franceschini

For the rest, explains the Daily Mail, Filippo’s last days were “quiet”, even though he ate less and less and he said enough was enough for his punctual tea at seven thirty in the morning to be delivered to his room. Two photos on the bedside table next to the bed in her private apartment: one of Elisabetta and the other of her mother Alice of Battenberg. Some reading, some rest outside when the sun came up, with a blanket over my legs. It seems that in one of his last days, while he was reading, his glasses fell off, so a servant approached to pick them up, but the prince immediately stopped him: “Stop it, I’ll do it!”. And when his staff offered him the wheelchair, he, Filippo, who wanted to walk with the cane until his last day, scolded: “Make that damn chair disappear!”.

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