Home World The local epidemic in Taiwan hit a new high on April 1, with a surge of 104 cases – Xinhua English.news.cn

The local epidemic in Taiwan hit a new high on April 1, with a surge of 104 cases – Xinhua English.news.cn

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The local epidemic in Taiwan hit a new high on April 1, with a surge of 104 cases – Xinhua English.news.cn

Image source: Taiwan “China Times Electronic News

The local epidemic in Taiwan has reached a new high. Today, there were 104 local confirmed cases, which is another three-digit local confirmed case since June 24 last year. According to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi Electronic News” report, Chen Shizhong, commander of the Taiwan Epidemic Epidemic Command Center, said that the 104 local cases increased today are 45 males and 59 females, aged between under 5 years old and more than 80 years old. . There were 20 cases in Keelung City, 12 in Taipei City, 40 in New Taipei City, 20 in Taoyuan City, 1 in Hsinchu County, 2 in Taichung, 4 in Changhua County, 2 in Kaohsiung, and 3 in Hualien County. Among them, 92 people were diagnosed in the four counties and cities of Beibeijitao.

Chen Shizhong pointed out that the Keelung snack bar cluster has increased by 21 cases today, with a total of 115 cases, including a few lines that were not clear yesterday, and today are all extended to the Keelung snack bar. Chen Shizhong said, “I think there will continue to be cases!” In the future, community screening will be implemented to find out possible sources of transmission as soon as possible.

The cluster of Zhonghe Apartments in New Taipei has increased by 23 cases today. The most important thing is that 18 cases were found in the community screening station. In addition, Taoyuan Dance Classroom, Changhua Pet Store, and Taitung Shakya Garden were also found. Whether it is genetic sequence or footprint, all of them are in harmony with Zhonghe. There is a connection to apartment clustering, but it will take a while to sort out the relationship.

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A new studio in Taoyuan gathered 22 people today. Chen Shizhong said that this was a sudden increase yesterday afternoon. The Taoyuan City Government quickly investigated employees and their families and found that many employees and their families were infected. There were 7 cases in employees, almost all of them in the studio, and 13 in their family members. infected and 2 contacts.

Up to now, a total of 23,629 confirmed cases in Taiwan, including 15,973 local cases, 7,602 imported cases, 36 “Dunmu Fleet” cases, 3 aircraft infections, 1 unknown case, and 14 cases under investigation; no new cases were added. A total of 136 cases with empty numbers were removed as empty numbers. A total of 853 deaths have occurred since 2020, of which 839 were local and 14 were imported.

Source: Taiwan “China Times Electronic News

Responsible editor: Qiu Mengying

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