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The manager of the Florence Mobile Department was removed after the beatings at the demonstration in Pisa

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The manager of the Florence Mobile Department was removed after the beatings at the demonstration in Pisa

Change at the top of the Mobile Police Department in Florence, which also provides teams to the Pisa Police Headquarters for public order. An alternation that would be connected to what happened last Friday with the charges near Piazza dei Cavalieri, with thirteen students injured – ten of them minors – due to the truncheons of the police who prevented access during an unannounced pro-Palestine demonstration. Although internal sources at the Interior Ministry assure that the decision had already been planned and that the director of the department, Silvia Conti, in service in Florence since 2021, has been entrusted with another role. A second briefing by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi is scheduled for Thursday morning at 11am in the Montecitorio chamber after the one to the Council of Ministers on the investigations into the events in Pisa and Florence.

The official had no operational roles in the management of public order either in Pisa or in Florence – where other clashes broke out with the police during the unauthorized procession (only a static garrison had been warned in advance), also pro-Gaza students and community centers up to the American consulate, which was targeted last February 2nd by the throwing of Molotov cocktails -, but only ordered the dispatch of the teams of agents requested by the two police headquarters.

The hypothesis: excesses of agents in the execution of orders

A chain of errors, from those in the planning of surveillance in the center of Pisa, to those committed in the field by the Mobile Department team that beat up the minor students last Friday. These are the points of the investigation into the policemen on which the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office is focused. The images and audio from the bodycams worn by two team leaders are being examined, which could help reconstruct what happened. Starting with how the order was given to fight the students in the alley and whether there were excesses in carrying it out by 3-4 policemen who continued to chase the boys even though they had already retreated.

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We heard from some witnesses who shot the videos

In the next few hours, those responsible for public order will be heard in Pisa and Florence, together with the injured boys and also some witnesses. Among them there are those who shot some of the videos that went viral on the web which record the clashes and which were acquired by the Digos of Pisa together with those of the surveillance cameras acquired by the carabinieri. Still regarding the change at the top of the Florence Mobile Department, the Department of Public Security specifies that the transfer of the official to another position had already been decided before what happened last Friday.

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