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The MAO for the UNI.VO.CA culture week

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The MAO for the UNI.VO.CA culture week

The MAO for the UNI.VO.CA culture week

Three appointments in the museum

Also for this year UNI.VO.CA, the organization that brings together numerous cultural associations in the Piedmont area, launches the Culture Week, an event created to raise awareness among citizens about the value of cultural volunteering in our Region through a busy program of events and meetings.

As part of the 2023 edition of the UNI.VO.CA Culture Week and in the week following its conclusion, the MAO is pleased to host three meetings proposed by the Mio MAO Volunteers Association.

The appointments

Saturday 7 October at 2.30pm

TIBETAN ASTROLOGY. A key to interpreting personal reality and

concrete conditions of existence

By Lama Dino Cian Ciub Ghialtzen and the Medicine Buddha Center “Gangchen Sanghie Men Chö Ling”.

Through ancient Tibetan astrology it is possible to have a clear interpretation of personal dynamics in the context of interdependent factors in one’s life.

Lama Dino Cian Ciub Ghialtzen is an Italian Lama of the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition, appointed minister of worship by the Italian Buddhist Union in 2021. He has studied the Tibetan language, traditional medicine and astrology and, moreover, deepens his knowledge of herbalism ancient and modern Mediterranean. He dedicates himself to meditative activity and the transmission of teachings and commentaries to numerous disciples and students, in particular he promotes all the NgalSo practices received from his precious Guru, the Ven. Lama Healer Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche.

The “Gangchen Sanghie Men Chö Ling” Medicine Buddha Center was founded in Turin in 1990 by Lama Dino Cian Ciub Ghialtzen and Master Tina Pema De Khiela. It is a place of worship and a non-profit spiritual association, which maintaining the precepts and spiritual commitments of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Vajrayana Ganden Nyengyu, proposes, in a secular context, the diffusion of the teachings of the Buddha, with particular reference to school by Lama Tsongkhapa. www.buddhadellamedicina.org

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Friday 13 October at 3pm


By Andrea Cantore, surgeon and expert in traditional Chinese medicine.

Energies of feeling, a look at the universe of human emotions according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Every human society is founded on a fundamental and shared vision of the world, taught to new generations as a basis for the acquisition of knowledge. This applies both to the so-called external world and to the internal one, of thoughts, images and emotions. The conference will refer to this internal vision of emotional life drawn from the foundations of ancient Chinese medicine and its profound resonance with the human being of all times.

During the conference you will experience some simple exercises taken from traditional movement arts (Tai Ji Quan, Dao Yin…) based on the same founding principles of ancient Chinese Medicine. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Saturday 14 October at 11am


By Lieutenant CS Cristian Lo Iacono, Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Culture is the driving force for our society, safeguarded at the highest level by prediction

constitutional of the art. 9, in particular for the aspects of protection and promotion as a guarantee

of the integrity of the landscape, of the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation for future generations.

Thanks to the support of the Turin Institute for the Deaf, the meeting will be translated into LIS Italian Sign Language.

Lieutenant CS Cristian Lo Iacono has been serving in this department since 2008, currently holding the position of Deputy Commander. He obtained his specialization at the Mibact and obtained the international post-graduate master’s degree in “Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response” at the University of Turin. In the training field he has held conferences, lessons and carried out teaching activities in the academic field and specialization institutes, as well as in favor of schools of all levels as part of the project focused on the issues of legality promoted by the General Command of the Army of Carabinieri. In 2022-2023 he was identified as a qualified trainer as part of the advanced training course for cultural volunteers belonging to UNI.VO.CA.

The Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection Command has been conducting its own activity as a specialized police department since 1969, boasting a world record which, over the years, in addition to investigations in the specific sector, has made it a point of reference for training in favor of of entities at various levels, in Italy and abroad. The Turin TPC Unit has been active in the Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regions since 2001. Over the course of these years, in addition to investigative successes, it has ensured the safety of cultural sites scattered throughout the territory, preventive control, training at regional level, in collaboration with protection bodies and organizations that have requested it: museums, schools, universities.

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Free entry while seats last.

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