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The mental health taboo in Africa ~ Mondoblog

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The mental health taboo in Africa ~ Mondoblog


Welcome to this new edition of the Mondoblog newsletter.

On the menu of this newsletter:
– Africa and the taboo around issues related to mental health,
– the damage of clandestine abortions,
– domestic violence,
– the nostalgia aroused by a rug, and
– a declaration of love to Athens.

Today’s two Mondoblog Audio insist on the freedom to lead one’s faith as one sees fit and question the survival of our ways in the face of global warming. Finally, the image of the week takes us to Dakar and introduces us to one of its characteristic transports.

Good reading and good listening !


👩‍🦯 🩺 #MentalHealth #Africa – On the African continent, 11 suicides per 100,000 inhabitants are recorded, a figure higher than the world average, which is 9 per 100,000. Of the ten most affected countries in the world, six are African. Figures revealed by the WHO, which go against a fairly widespread idea on the continent: issues related to mental health are only of marginal importance. However, as pointed out Denis-Désir MAPOTAit is a problem which must alert the populations and which must be addressed without delay by the public authorities.


« In many African families, children often do not have the opportunity to express themselves freely. Mine was no exception to this rule. My emotions seemed constantly trapped inside me. […] Writing became my only outlet, the way to free my thoughts. »

Liza ABOU, Cameroun


#ClandestineAbortion #Haiti – Maga, cheerful, lively, ambitious young girl. She decided to break social determinism but also this inevitability to which young Haitians are destined. She left her countryside and went to Port-au-Prince to fulfill her dream: to succeed. University, the diploma, but also the only daily meal, survival. Especially this student, activist, broke. Him, with whom Maga is infatuated. Him, with whom she became pregnant. Emilie Marcelin talks about Maga, who slowly dies, lying on the ground…
🔗Interrupted dialogue

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#Food #Poison – Formalin is a chemical mainly used in taxidermy, to delay the decomposition of corpses. But in certain countries, like Cameroon or Gabon, traders use this product to improve the conservation of the food products they sell. From Ivory Coast, Bamba OUATTARA draws attention to the dangers of this practice, because formalin is a substance considered carcinogenic.
🔗 Formalin on our table

#Relationships #Violence – Some waters are shimmering, warm and promise relaxation. Until we dive into it. We then discover them icy, refrigerating. This is the case with certain romantic relationships, which turn out to be a trap for those who engage in them. Too many women are thus humiliated and violated by their partners. Louis-César BANCÉ urges these women to find the will to leave and denounce the violence.
🔗 Flee toxic relationships

#Sweden #Russia – This summer, Kristina Berkut went to Skansen, the famous open-air museum in Stockholm. This museum allows you to discover, life-size, how the Swedes lived in the past. During her visit, the Russian blogger enters one of the houses, then freezes: on the floor, there is a rag rug. A vision that takes her back to her younger years and makes her nostalgic. Indeed, this carpet was very present in the homes of Siberia, the region where the blogger grew up.
🔗 The Swedes in Siberia… or the Siberian in Sweden

#Tourism #Athens – Greece and particularly Athens, are considered the cradle of democracy. This southern European country is known for its millennia-old history and for the erudition of its philosophers. Carole visited the Greek capital: the first Olympic stadium, the Acropolis, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, but also the phallic key rings and the beauty of the transport network… The Mauritian fell in love with this mythical city.
🔗 Athens, I love you

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THE Mondoblog Audio (MA) are sound clips that take blog articles from written to spoken. Every week, the Mondoblog team invites a mondoblogger to read one of its articles by recording on their phone. His blog is thus highlighted in the form of a column, halfway between an audio book and a mood post. Find all the Mondoblog Audio on the Youtube channel the RFI.

“Muslim, you? It does not look like ! » Fatim TOURÉ I can no longer count the number of times this remark has been made to him. The Burkinabè blogger has chosen to live her faith in an intimate way, without displaying it or claiming it. When we add a certain freedom of spirit that the young woman does not hide, questions about her faith quickly arise.

“The time when “talking about the weather” was synonymous with the emptiness of a speech will ultimately have been a very short parenthesis in the history of humanity.” Because, at a time when the planet is warming up, can we still dance under the sun, thank the star for the juice it instills in the earth? Tanguy WERA the question arises.


Dakar Dem Dikk, is an expression in Wolof which means “Dakar comes and goes”. It is also the name of the public bus network serving the capital of Senegal and its surrounding areas. The buses are recognizable by their characteristic beige color.

Because we are looking in the same direction, we decided to partner with Iwaria (www.iwaria.com), the free African photos service.
You can populate this image bank with your snapshots taken in Africa.

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