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The moment before – the Republic

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The moment before – the Republic

Sloviansk, Ukraine. June 9, 2022 (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS / AFP)

This is the moment before. What do you see? Shirts, shoulder bags, a dog, glasses on his head, the spring light – back there. You can see how we are on any morning in June, how we look at these latitudes. We see how we are when we are distracted from the so-called daily existence. I, you, the lady I just saw at the bus stop. And instead there is an invisible crack, a furrow that photography digs, even if imperceptible, between this moment and the next. Because these are civilians ready to be evacuated from the city of Sloviansk, Donbass, while the Russian forces intensify the fire on the twin city across the river. It’s thirty degrees and it’s sunny, summer has arrived early there too. But the day that seems ordinary is not: the time of mass eviction makes it an unforgettable, enemy, mourning date.

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