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The moment Mia Schem is released in Gaza – La Tercera

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The moment Mia Schem is released in Gaza – La Tercera

The moment Mia Schem is released in Gaza The Third War between Israel and Gaza, live | Six other hostages are already in Israel on the last day of the truce

Hamas frees another six hostages after a truce with Israel: there are already 105 captives freed

A truce between Israel and Gaza has led to the release of six more hostages by Hamas. Among the newly freed captives are a Mexican citizen, a Russian, and a Uruguayan. This comes after the recent release of a video showing the young woman, Mia Schem, who was kidnapped by Hamas.

Mia Schem has become a symbol of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza and her release brings hope for a potential resolution to the crisis. The truce, which is scheduled to end on the last day of the negotiations, has brought relief to the families of the hostages and has raised expectations for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

There are now a total of 105 captives who have been freed following the truce agreement. The release of these hostages is a positive sign that progress is being made towards ending the long-standing tensions between Israel and Gaza.

The story of Mia Schem and the other hostages has garnered international attention and has become a focal point in the efforts to bring an end to the violence. As the truce comes to a close, there is hope that the release of these hostages will be a stepping stone towards a lasting peace in the region.

For further updates on the situation and to follow the full coverage of this story, please visit Google News.

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