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The most powerful electric hypercars in the world

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The most powerful electric hypercars in the world

SILENCE, THE ASPHALT IS BURNING – They don’t sport massive exhaust cannons, and if it weren’t for the fake noise their sound generators make, they wouldn’t even be heard as they hurtle along at over 300km/h. For the rest, the electric hypercars are completely similar to those with the internal combustion engine: very low, stuffed with aerodynamic appendages, with a dream line which makes them appear to be launched at full speed even with the wheels stationary. In terms of power, then, there are really no comparisons: thanks to their multi-engine configuration, the battery-powered sports cars from a thousand and one nights annihilate practically all their rivals with cylinders and pistons. But they will be enough record cavalry and breathtaking performance, not to miss the best super sports cars with V8, V10 and V12 engines? Most enthusiasts have several doubts in this regard, even if, speaking of numbers, those unsheathed by the ten current-powered hypercars featured in our photo gallery are truly jaw-dropping. Discover them with us and let us know in the comments what is your favorite.

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