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The mystery of the dead Ukrainian soldiers. Arestovych attacks von der Leyen: “There are only ten thousand”

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The mystery of the dead Ukrainian soldiers.  Arestovych attacks von der Leyen: “There are only ten thousand”

KIEV – No, the Ukrainian government says that the allies – the US and Europe – are spreading wrong numbers on Ukrainian soldiers who have died in nine months. And that hurts them. Last night Oleksiy Arestovichtalkative adviser to the president Volodymyr Zelensky, an expert on Russian-Soviet issues constantly present on Kiev TVs, said that, in truth, the dead on the Ukrainian front are “little more than ten thousand”. And he specifically asked the president of the European Commission, Ursula von Der Leyen, to correct your message. It was satisfied.

Ukraine, “one hundred thousand dead and wounded on each side”. X-ray of the bloodiest war

by Corrado Zunino

The president yesterday, in her speech on the need for a war tribunal for Russian crimes, reiterated: “The Ukrainians have already sacrificed more than 100,000 soldiers”. The same figures that The General had provided three weeks earlier Carl Milley, US Chief of Staff: “Over 100,000 men killed on each side.” Arestovich wanted to clarify: just over ten thousand. The number of military dead is a fundamental element in understanding the progress of a war and provides motivation (or depression) for both troops and people.

If today adviser Arestovich speaks of “just over ten thousand dead” among the home soldiers, in mid-August the head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, confirmed nearly 9,000 Kiev soldiers killed in battle since the start of the Russian invasion. The progression between August and November has a mathematical logic and brings elements of confirmation to the Ukrainian point of view which sees the ratio with the deceased Russian soldiers at one to nine (there are 89,440 to date, according to Ukrinform). For completeness of sources, on September 21 the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu it stressed, “More than 61,200 Ukrainian servicemen died and 49,400 were injured.”

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War in Ukraine, a balance after 4 months: civilians killed are at least 26,000

by our correspondent Corrado Zunino

If on the one hand the numbers provided by Moscow on the killings inflicted on enemies are close to the American and European ones, it must be said that there is tactical-military support for the thought that, in truth, Ukrainian losses have been lower so far. In the first two months of the war, the home soldiers surprised the aggressors: they knew the territory, they fired more easily leaning on urban defenses while the Russians often fought in open fields and had to expose themselves more to flush out the enemy.

On various occasions, the Ukrainian army has shown that it faces battles taking into account the protection of men (and means), which cannot be said on the opposing front, where battalions often made up of soldiers from territories far from Moscow were replaced as if they were trading cards. Finally, the number of tanks left by the Army on the field is growing every day: they are 2,915 according to the latest bulletin of the state information agency Ukrinform.

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