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The mystery of the death of a Russian billionaire in a plane crash | Info

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The mystery of the death of a Russian billionaire in a plane crash |  Info

The death of Russian billionaire Vicheslav Taran is still shrouded in mystery.

Source: east2west news / WillWest News / Profimedia

The tragedy in which a Russian billionaire died Vičeslav Taran (53) happened a year ago in Switzerland, and this helicopter accident is still shrouded in mystery.. Namely, the helicopter carrying the billionaire Taran crashed in the southeast of France near the village of Elze, after the Eurocopter EC130 (H130) helicopter took off from Lausanne.

As stated by a British tabloid that referred to the local media from Monaco, there was supposed to be another person in the helicopter an unnamed passenger, but he canceled boarding the fateful flight at the last minute.

The mystery does not end there. Namely, the second thing that raised suspicion immediately after the accident was the fact that his helicopter crashed in good weather, and that the cause of the crash was not a storm, the Daily Mail reports. The French pilot (35), who was flying the aircraft, also died in the accident.

The deputy public prosecutor in Nice visited the scene of the accident and said he could not rule out the fault of a “third party”, reported The Sun. By the way, Taran is the founder of the trade and investment platform Libertek and Forek Club, and according to some information, he was close to the Russian intelligence services. However, he allegedly had ties to Russia’s foreign intelligence services.

Ukrainian news agency UNIAN described him as a “billionaire crypto businessman”, accusing him of being responsible for “laundering Russian funds through the system of cryptocurrency operations”, The Daily Star reports.

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A series of mysterious deaths of Russian businessmen

Taran’s death follows a number of Russian businessmen who died in mysterious circumstances in the period following the outbreak of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Earlier, Viktor Cherkesov, 72, a close KGB spy mentor to Russian President Vladimir Putinwho was demoted after daring to publicly criticize the Kremlin leader, died of an unexplained “serious illness.”

Among the deaths that occurred in a short period of time is Ivan Pechorin, 39, director of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, who “fell overboard” from his yacht in September of last year.

Pavel Pchelnikov (52), PR manager of Russian Railways, was killed in his apartment in Moscow the same month.

Aleksandar Tyulakov (61), senior executive director of Gazprom, who was found hanged in his home, also in Moscow, is on the list of the mysteriously dead.

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01:29 EVACUATION IN CRIMEA! Russia DOES NOT REMEMBER THIS: Four people died, TWO MILLION WITHOUT ELECTRICITY! Over 2,000 vehicles captured and closed! Source: Kurir television

Source: Kurir television


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