[Presidential Secretariat website]President Jokowi announced on Tuesday (January 11) at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta that the government will provide the third dose of the vaccine free of charge to the entire population, and will start implementing the new crown vaccine boost from Wednesday (January 12) Booster, with a focus on the elderly and vulnerable groups.

“Considering the continuous mutation of the domestic new crown virus, it is very important to strengthen the community’s herd immunity system. Therefore, the government has decided to provide the third dose of the new crown vaccine for free to the whole country, and will start implementing the third dose on Wednesday (12th), and once again Emphasize that the safety of people’s lives is the current top priority,” the president said.

“The condition for receiving the third booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine is that the intended recipient must have received the first and second doses of the vaccine at least six months before,” the president explained.

At the end of the press statement, the head of state once again reminded the people of the country that they must maintain discipline and strictly enforce the rules of epidemic prevention and hygiene, even if they have been vaccinated against the new crown.

“Despite being vaccinated against COVID-19, I once again remind the public across the country to strictly enforce hygiene rules; wear masks, maintain distance, and wash hands frequently. Because vaccinations and disciplined hygiene protocols are the keys to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic,” the president said. concluded.

On January 10, Penny Likito, director of the Indonesian National Drug and Food Regulatory Agency (BPOM), officially announced the emergency use authorization (EUA) of five new crown vaccine boosters online. The five booster vaccines are Coronavac, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Zifivax produced by Sinovac. Penny explained that the third booster vaccine can be from a homologous (Homologus) vaccine or a heterologous (Heterologus) vaccine. (V)