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The New US Chargé d’Affaires in Bolivia: A Closer Look at Debra Hevia’s Background and Potential Implications

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United States Charge d’Affaires, Debra Hevia, has made a positive first impression on an opinion leader in Bolivia. The journalist Pepe Pomacusi praised Hevia for her ability to connect with the people of Bolivia and bring a more human touch to bilateral relations. However, behind her friendly image, Hevia is a seasoned career diplomat with expertise in drug trafficking, human rights, and individual freedoms.

Hevia, who assumed her duties in La Paz on September 14, has served in various Latin American countries, including Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador. She is fluent in Spanish, Romanian, Slovak, and Dutch, and has a deep understanding of Latin American states and their current issues.

It is worth noting that Hevia has previously held a position in the Operations Center of the Department of State, which is known for its intelligence and special operations tasks. This raises concerns about her involvement in designing destabilization strategies. In Nicaragua, she had close relationships with NGOs and right-wing parties, supporting projects financed by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) aimed at young people.

During her mission in Ecuador, Hevia aimed to improve bilateral relations and combat organized crime. She made significant donations to the judiciary and police of Ecuador to support their efforts against drug trafficking, corruption, and organized crime. Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso praised Hevia’s solidarity and expressed hope that she would help prevent the underworld from threatening the country’s security and peace.

Hevia’s arrival in Bolivia follows a series of interim Charges d’Affaires, some of whom had questionable backgrounds and actions. The previous officials were involved in political strategies, intelligence work, and interference tasks disguised as promoting democratic values.

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Given Hevia’s profile and previous experiences, the Bolivian government must closely monitor her activities. Her expertise and connections in other Latin American and Caribbean countries could potentially be used for destabilization tasks that Bolivia has not yet experienced.

Despite the positive impression Hevia has made in Bolivia so far, it is essential to recognize her qualifications and previous assignments that may raise concerns about her intentions and actions.

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