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The non-commissioned officer who led the impressive aerial rescue of an elderly man trapped in the Cercado de Lima fire

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The non-commissioned officer who led the impressive aerial rescue of an elderly man trapped in the Cercado de Lima fire

Verónica Gargate Coaguila is the non-commissioned officer who carried out the rescue in the fire in Barrios Altos. Channel N

Non-commissioned officer Verónica Gargate, a member of the Police Aviation Directorate (Diravpol), led an air rescue focused on saving an elderly man who had been trapped in a building next to the source of a fire that occurred in the Áncash neighborhood of Cercado de Lima.

Gargate, who has a decade of service in the police unit and experience in rescue missions in challenging environments such as the Peruvian jungle, said that the rescue team arrived in the area in just three minutes, coming from the “Major General FAP” air base. Armando Revoredo Iglesias” in Callao, where Diravpol is based.

“In this case, the alarm sounded and all the committed personnel – and who are alert – stood on the ramp to be able to make a decision and see which personnel would go to the rescue. Subsequently, the aircraft was started and we headed to the emergency area,” he said in dialogue with Canal N.

The incident occurred around noon on the top floor of a three-level structure in block 10 of Jirón Áncash, near the well-known Mercedaria Market. The emergency centered on a building that houses a plastics warehouse in Barrios Altos, which considerably complicated the fire containment tasks due to the rapid combustion of this material.

This was the spectacular helicopter rescue during a fire in Barrios Altos. Channel N

At least 15 firefighting units headed to the scene to tackle the flames, in an effort to prevent them from spreading to nearby properties. Juan Altunes Cárdenas (64) was trapped on a rooftop near the epicenter when he was helped by Petty Officer Gargate, who descended from a helicopter to help him.

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“The person who was evacuated was a little nervous, but you should always calm him down so that the operation goes faster.” […] Once on the ground I approached the man, I told him that I was going to put a harness on him, I proceeded to verify that all the locks were correct, I gave the hand signal to the mechanic so that he could lower the crane and, subsequently, we hooked up. In the middle of the climb, the man hugged me,” said the uniformed woman.

The sexagenarian was transported by air to the Hipólito Unanue Hospital, where he received “care for possible smoke inhalation” and “is under observation,” according to a statement released by the Ministry of Health. The emergency was resolved after 4:30 p.m.

“Given this situation, the Minsa, through the General Directorate of Health Operations (DGOS), has put the Dos de Mayo, Hipólito Unanue, Arzobispo Loayza and Pediatric Emergencies hospitals on alert. In addition, four SAMU ambulances traveled to the area,” the portfolio added. Subsequently, President Dina Boluarte “highlighted the courage and bravery” of the non-commissioned officer, “who risked her own life” to help the affected person.

“I was on the eighth floor, on the roof. My idea was to hang myself with a rope, but there wasn’t one. The smoke had covered everything. She wasn’t listening to anything. Until the helicopter appeared and they took me down. In that part, my congratulations to the Police, I know that they are professionals,” Altunes highlighted in a message published by the PNP.

Ministry of Health reports the health status of the evacuated sexagenarian. Photo: @Minsa_Peru

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General Fredy López, director of Police Aviation, confirmed that this is the first urban rescue carried out with a helicopter in the capital. “We have no history here about this particular event and, above all, that the rescued person finally went to the hospital and arrived in a stable condition,” he told the television station.

Diravpol has been instrumental in missions during natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and landslides. In the battle against illicit drug trafficking, the helicopters and planes of this police unit have also carried out operations to identify and destroy clandestine laboratories, as well as to interdict illegal landing strips used by drug traffickers.

Likewise, during the COVID-19 health emergency, Police Aviation played a vital role in transporting medical supplies, vaccines and health personnel to remote and difficult-to-access areas.

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