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The Norwegian women shot away at the start of the hunt – Julia Simon with another WC gold – Dagsavisen

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The Norwegian women shot away at the start of the hunt – Julia Simon with another WC gold – Dagsavisen

Simon went out first at the start of the chase and only missed the stand once. The French winner crushed the competition. She won by 46.3 seconds to runner-up Lisa Vittozzi, while Justine Braisaz-Bouchet was third.

Ida Lien was the best Norwegian in 30th place, while Juni Arnekleiv finished in the last place. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold took 34th place.

– It was a crap day. The question is whether there will be grave beer on us where we live tonight, Arnekleiv told NRK.

– It’s not funny. I wasn’t sure if I was going to run the race today, so I decided to go to get a better feel for the shooting. But I am left with a worse feeling, Tandrevold explained the collapse.

She further said that she was unsure whether she should run the race since she was so far behind from the start.


NRK expert Ola Lunde was critical of the performance of the Norwegian team after the fiasco.

– There is a collapse of the Norwegian team. It is simply bad and miserable performance. Under such good shooting conditions, it is completely inconceivable that they do not perform better, was Lunde’s verdict.

Arnekleiv was in 12th place with 1.36 minutes up to leader Simon before the start of the chase. Lien (number 22) and Tandrevold (25) had almost two minutes up on the French leader before the start.

On the first shoot, Arnekleiv fell down the scoreboard after two misses. Lien and Tandrevold both shot a full house. The latter did the same on the second shooting, while Lien and Arnekleiv missed a blink each.

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Good dough

Tandrevold climbed up the results lists and could seriously enter the medal match. On the first standing shooting there were three misses and thus all hope was gone.

Lien made another miss at the stand, while Arnekleiv knocked down all five flashes.

The Norwegian women were completely blown away in the last shooting. Arnekleiv missed two, Tandrevold three and Lien four.

– What has happened to the Norwegian women at the stand? asked NRK commentator Torgeir Bjørn during the broadcast.

Over 40,000 spectators were present during the start of the hunt in the Czech Republic.

Earlier on Sunday, the WC organizers announced that they had to make changes to the course ahead of Sunday’s competitions due to weather problems.

Karoline Offigstad Knotten did not start in Sunday’s hunt due to illness. She was actually supposed to start as number 33.

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