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The number of tourist destinations increased, and the price of outbound air tickets on May Day dropped by 51% year-on-year_Data_Schengen Visa_Orders

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Original title: Tourist destinations increase, May Day outbound air ticket prices drop 51% year-on-year

Whether it is a 9-day holiday or the original 5-day “May Day holiday”, it can be confirmed that this year’s May Day holiday will have more tourist destinations than last year, and the air ticket prices will be cheaper.

According to data from the Ctrip platform, as of last week, the average tax-included price of one-way air tickets booked during the “May Day” period was 3,022 yuan, a decrease of 51% from the same period last year. The top 10 preferential destinations are: Phnom Penh, Caticlan, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Cebu, Chiang Mai, Bali, Tagbilaran, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City, of which the Philippine cities account for 40%. In terms of departure cities for “May 1st” outbound air ticket orders, departures from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou accounted for nearly 80%, of which orders departing from Shanghai accounted for more than 50%, followed by Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, and Shenyang.

According to the data from the Qunar App, passengers have already booked outbound trips for May Day, and the number of hotel reservations has doubled from the previous month. Guo Lechun, vice president of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, said: “With the arrival of the flight season in March, the number of international flights is expected to increase significantly. With the increase in supply, the price of air tickets will also drop.”


“Schengen visa” scheduled for a long time

May 1 travel visa may “not catch up”

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Because the epidemic has not left the country for a long time, many people’s passports have expired, and their multiple round-trip visas have also expired. If you plan to travel abroad on May Day, you need to renew your passport and apply for a visa in advance.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw on a certain platform that the visa agency business is booming, such as personal travel Schengen visas for entry into Italy, France, Germany, Spain and other countries, as well as UK visas and US visas. The visa was successfully issued before the May Day holiday.

However, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and other countries issue individual tourist visas quickly. Australia can issue visas at the end of March and early April at the earliest; New Zealand can issue visas at the earliest in mid-March; Turkey can issue visas at the earliest within one working day.

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