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The Oriental Festival in Rimini

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The Oriental Festival in Rimini

The Oriental Festival in Rimini

Two weekends dedicated to the Far East

In the first two weekends of March, the Rimini Fair (RN) hosts the Festival of the East, a colorful event dedicated to the Far East. Commercial and gastronomic stands, cultural areas, immersive meditation courses, massages, martial arts and much more are just some of the countless proposals of the Festival. Throughout the day it is also possible to attend shows held by artists from all over the Far East, such as China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India, and participate in dedicated meetings and seminars to different types of meditation, massages, traditional holistic therapies and much more.

The visitors’ route winds through stands from various parts of the oriental world, including clothing, typical objects, curiosities and typical dishes of the different locations. There is also no shortage of areas dedicated to cultural insights into the traditions of different geographical areas, such as martial arts demonstrations, the possibility of experimenting with different types of massages or meditation, taking part in the Japanese tea ceremony or the preparation of mochi, discovering what say “becoming” a geisha or a samurai, to listen to the traditional songs of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia or to try Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Thai calligraphy tests. There is also plenty of space for moments of relaxation in which you can watch exciting wrestling matches, sit on the bench in the Tokyo metro or try out some oriental-themed video games or RPGs in the company of other enthusiasts.

The Festival of the East is a moment of fun and light-heartedness made up of many small curiosities belonging to the sphere of everyday life, the culinary and folkloristic-cultural spheres of distant and, still in many respects, unknown worlds; East meets West and brings with it many curiosities which, sometimes, passing through large media vehicles, risk going unnoticed.

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BY Caterina Franciosi

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