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The Peng Shuai incident may prompt the British diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics | British News | Wimbledon

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[Epoch Times November 26, 2021](Epoch Times UK reporter station report) British media disclosed that Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai reported that he had been sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, which may prompt the UK to make greater determination to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics , To protest the CCP’s violation of human rights, including the violation of the human rights of athletes who hold different opinions.

According to The Times, the United Kingdom is negotiating with the allies of the Five Eyes Alliance, an intelligence-sharing agency, to conduct a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, that is, not to send diplomats to participate in the Winter Olympics.

According to US media reports, US President Biden may issue a statement in the near future, announcing that neither he nor any US government officials will participate in the Winter Olympics.

The countries of the Five Eyes Alliance may jointly issue a statement stating that they will not send officials to participate in the Winter Olympics, or it may be the three countries of the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia issuing a joint statement.

Wimbledon speaks for the truth

After Peng Shuai reported that she was sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, she has not made any public statements or speeches. The outside world has questioned the CCP’s recent activities, photos or videos of eating meals, and believes that this does not mean that Peng Shuai is safe and free.

Britain’s Wimbledon tennis tournament organizer also issued a statement over the weekend calling for the safety of Peng Shuai. The statement said: “We are united with everyone in the tennis world and want to know that Peng Shuai is safe.”

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Peng Shuai worked with Taiwanese player Xie Shuwei to win the women’s doubles championship at Wimbledon in 2013.

Wimbledon organizers said they support the efforts of the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and want to know about Peng Shuai.

The International Women’s Tennis Association recently stated that if Peng Shuai’s safety is not certain, they will not continue to arrange tennis matches in China. The chairman of this organization, Steve Simon, said that although the Chinese Communist Party has officially released the video of Peng Shuai’s appearance, it is “still unclear whether she is free and can make her own decision”.

The International Men’s Tennis Association (WTA) also asked the CCP to clarify the situation.

“Genocide Olympics”

Earlier, The Times disclosed that British Prime Minister Johnson is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics to protest the CCP’s human rights record.

According to the report, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (Hong Kong interpreter Zhuo Huisi) also supports this. Earlier, Terras said in private that the CCP’s persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang was “genocide.”

The report said that the British government is considering a plan that the British government minister will not participate in the Winter Olympics, but the ambassador to China will participate.

Last week, five Conservative Party members of the upper and lower houses who were “sanctioned” by the CCP wrote to Prime Minister Johnson, calling on him to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics diplomatically.

Senator Tim Loughton said: “It is hard to imagine that the UK will send officials, government ministers or diplomats to participate in what has been called the’genocidal Olympics’. The Chinese government will once again use this international event to achieve propaganda purposes. We need to be clear about our position and let them know that their wanton trampling of human rights cannot but be questioned.”◇

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