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The Playoffs » In division leaders game, Rangers beat Avalanche in OT

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At Madison Square Garden, upon the return of activities after the All-Star Game, in a clash between two teams that lead their divisions and are aiming for high goals in this NHL season, the New York Rangers (31-16-3) beat Colorado Avalanche (32-14-4) 2-1, this Monday (05), with Alexis Lafreniere’s overtime goal. The curious fact is that goalkeeper Jonathan Quick was counted as an assistant for this goal.

The highlights of the match on the home team’s side were Artemi Panarin and Lafreniere, who scored the winning goals, in addition to Quick, who, in addition to protecting the Rangers’ goal with 31 shots, also contributed with the assist for the winning goal.

“With luck it went in, so that was good,” a relieved Lafreniere told reporters after the goal. “It was a great victory, against a really good team. We aimed to play better defensively, and I believe we did a good job.”

While on the defeated side, Nathan MacKinnon scored the visitors’ only goal in the match, extending it to 14 consecutive matches scoring (13 goals and 16 assists), and more specifically, fifth consecutive match scoring goals (nine in this series). The 28-year-old striker continues to compete with Nikita Kucherov for the lead in points in the league, at the moment both have 85. Cale Makar provided the assist for the goal, tied for fourth place with McDavid, both with 47 passes on goal this season. Alexandar Georgiev ended the game with 27 shots saved, being leaked twice.

“An even hockey match, going into overtime, I would have liked to have been able to come away with the two points from there, but I think we didn’t do enough after coming out ahead to be able to extend the score or make it more difficult for them,” Avalanche coach Jared Bednar analyzed post-game. “I think they actually grew as the game went on and we were a little tired.”

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(Photo: Facebook Reproduction / New York Rangers)


The game has already started frantically. 30 seconds into the match, the visitors won the opening match of the drop the puck, in a way that seemed to be worth the championship, they then forced Quick to make a sequence of two saves in the first shot, one from close range. Following the move, they also challenged number 32 to make another save with a mid-range shot, until the puck left the rink and gave the home team a breather.

The period remained busy, with the Avs appearing to have entered the ice with more momentum, and the Rangers struggling to keep up. As a result, the home team left the opponent with a numerical advantage on the ice in three moments, but the construction of plays in these moves were not converted into goals. In fact, the home team who came closest to scoring in those moments, due to passing errors and the construction of the visitors’ attacks, the home team had at least three chances to counterattack with one man less.

At the end of the first period, with 18:12, MacKinnon opened the scoring. After receiving the ball from Cale Makar while still in the defensive zone, he advanced, gaining speed in the neutral zone, masterfully dribbling and passing two markers, until he reached the faceoff zone, when he finished low, beating Quick in the “five-role” (hockey term for the area between a goalie’s legs). Later, the Rangers coach commented that his team did not adjust to MacKinnon’s speed.

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“It’s in me,” said Rangers head coach Peter Laviolette. “We knew what was coming to us, and sometimes I feel like I can do a better job of explaining things. We were posted, we were in position, but after that happened we made a quick adjustment in the locker room and were able to handle the speed a little better.”

The sequence of the match followed the same rhythm, however there were no further penalties until the end. In the second period, the Avalanche continued with the greatest volume of attack, but neither team managed to find the net. The goalkeepers made the difference and won matches when they were challenged.

In the third period, the moment turned to the Rangers, who in addition to having more chances in attack, managed to convert one of these chances into a goal. With 8:43 left in the period, Panarin equalized the score. Following an offensive faceoff from the home team, the number 10 shirt regained possession of the puck behind Georgiev’s goal, drove down the left wing, with his back to the goal and with Makar’s tight marking, until gaining a small advantage over the defender in the center of the ice and being able to shoot crosses. Due to traffic in front of the goalkeeper, the puck ended up being deflected (another goal by MacKinnon in the match, but this time against) and Colorado’s No. 40 won.

The match remained tied and went into extra time. In OT, the visitors had the first clear chance to score with Devon Toews from close range, but Quick grew in front of him and managed to make the save and still hold the puck afterwards.

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The game-winning goal began with Quick coming out of his box to intercept a throw in the faceoff zone. The goalkeeper already left, making a pass to Lafreniere, who launched a counterattack. Mika Zibanejad received the ball in the neutral zone, advanced down the left wing, and left the puck to shirt number 13 who was right behind. When Lafreniere gained a little freedom over his marker, he finished from inside the left circle, crossing high, and also had Erik Gustafsson, who passed in front of the goalkeeper, along with his marker, contributing to disrupting Georgiev’s vision and defense. . Goal and victory for the New York Rangers!

The Colorado Avalanche (32-14-4) continues to lead the Central Division with 68 points, two more than the Dallas Stars. This Tuesday (6), the team will play against the New Jersey Devils (24-20-3) away from home.

The Rangers (31-16-3), who lead the Metropolitan Division with 65 points, will host the Tampa Bay Lightning (27-18-5) this Wednesday (7).

See the best moments of the match:

Check out another result from this Monday (5) for the 2023-24 NHL season:

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