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The Plaza de Mayo welcomes President Milei shouting “Freedom!” and “Chainsaw!”

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The Plaza de Mayo welcomes President Milei shouting “Freedom!”  and “Chainsaw!”

In a historic and unprecedented event, the Argentine Congress and the Plaza de Mayo swelled with the chant of “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” at the inauguration of Argentina’s eighth elected president, Javier Milei. Breaking from tradition, Milei refused to address the deputies and took his speech out to a crowded square filled with eager supporters.

The enthusiastic crowd was made up of a diverse mix of people, from first-time voters and retired teachers to young professionals and recently arrived families. Milei delivered his message of impending poverty, hunger, and hyperinflation, and the people listened in complete silence.

The Congress Square was packed, filled with teenagers celebrating their first vote and retired teachers eager to end the “Argentine Cuba.” On the other side of the street, hundreds of followers eagerly awaited Milei’s message on the giant screens in front of the Government Palace.

The new president listed the macroeconomic problems that would weigh down his Administration, leaving supporters in the shadows hopeful and emotional. Milei’s message of liberalism rekindled hope and euphoria in many, including Silvina Di Vito, a therapeutic companion who has lived an adjusted life for decades.

Following his speech, Milei and his little sister, Karina Milei, walked together to the Casa Rosada, where Milei met with foreign leaders from Ukraine, Chile, Paraguay, and Spain. He was also supported by global far-right leaders, including Viktor Orbán, Jair Bolsonaro, and Santiago Abascal.

The new president left the Casa Rosada to the chant of “Argentina, Argentina!” echoing from his supporters. Milei closed the historic day with a powerful cry from the balcony, “Long live freedom, damn it!” This powerful message propelled Milei from anonymous to president of the nation in just eight years.

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