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The police detained the president of the FS of Kosovo Sport

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The police detained the president of the FS of Kosovo  Sport

The president of the FS of the so-called “Kosovo”, Agim Ademi, will have to testify again and is part of the investigation, investigative authorities announced.

Source: Profimedia

After the president of the Football Association of the so-called “Kosovo” was detained Dawn Adam the police also called! Authorities of the so-called the state “Kosovo” issued an official announcement regarding the arrest of a former football player who replaced the president of the football association Fadilja Vokrija.

Although Ademi was found not guilty last week of the indictment, which he was charged with since 2012 and according to which he was originally supposed to go to prison for nine months, he still had to be interviewed by the police. However, it was denied that he was arrested.

“In the afternoon, the Kosovo police spoke at the police station with the head of the Kosovo Football Association, who was released after the interview by order of the prosecutor. Media reports about the potential arrest of the president of the Kosovo Football Association are not true and there is no warrant for his arrest, as some claimed. He he has a summons to appear at the police the next day. All other actions will be taken in coordination with the justice authorities“, it was stated in a short statement of the police of the so-called state of “Kosovo”.

Agim Ademi played football from 1975 to 1988 and spent his career in FC Pristinaand after being the vice president of the football association for a long time, after the death of Fadilj Vokri, he assumed the leading position.

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