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The police spoke about Jokić’s brothers Sport

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The police spoke about Jokić’s brothers  Sport

Due to the incident caused by Nikola Jokić’s brothers, the police in Denver also spoke out.

Izvor: twitter/screenshot/@Eurohoopsnet

Nikola Jokic dominates the NBA floor, while his brothers Strahinja and Nemanja wreak havoc in the stands. Denver beat the Lakers in the second match of the playoff series after a big turnaround, and during that time, Strahinja Jokić punched a fan in the stands, and all of that was recorded by the cameras.

The NBA launched an investigation, and now the Denver police have also spoken out. According to information from the “TMZ” portal, they also started an investigation into the incident. “No one has yet filed a lawsuit, nor has the victim come forward. The police are calling on witnesses and the person who was hit to come forward“, the text states.

In a short video that has gone viral on social networks, you can see how a fight and a verbal argument between Jokić’s brothers and a man first occur. In the next moment, a blow can be seen and then Nikola’s wife Natalija ran with her daughter and managed to calm the passions. During that time, the man who was hit just walked away from the place.

It is clear that because of all this, before the third match of the series, the journalists will ask Nikola more about the incident than about the game itself. As far as his brothers are concerned, a decision is awaited on a possible sentence. Some fans are asking to be banned from entering the hall.

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