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The Political Legacy of Joko: From President to Controversy in Indonesia

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The Political Legacy of Joko: From President to Controversy in Indonesia

Indonesia Prepares to Elect New President as Joko’s Era Comes to an End

Wednesday, February 14, marks the voting day for Indonesia’s presidential election. Nearly 205 million eligible voters will choose Joko’s successor, bringing an end to the Joko era as he leaves office in October this year. Joko, who first entered politics as a reformer in 2005, made an impressive rise from mayor of Thoreau to president in less than 10 years. Throughout his nine-year rule, he led the country to make significant strides and established political achievements, gaining a high reputation. However, in the last year of his rule, he has been questioned for undermining Indonesian democracy despite his achievements.

As the voting day approaches, opinions on Joko’s presidency remain mixed. Young voter Licha, who works at a meat factory, praised Joko for his efforts in improving transportation and boosting the Indonesian economy. However, Dean, a labor worker, criticized Joko for focusing only on infrastructure construction and neglecting the needs of the middle and lower classes.

The upcoming election is also tainted by controversy surrounding Joko’s intention to establish a political dynasty by pushing for his son, Gibran, to run as vice president alongside Defense Minister Prabowo. This move has sparked disapproval among intellectuals and democrats who accuse Joko of manipulating the justice system. The controversy has dominated the election campaign and has led to calls for neutrality from Joko, both from university professors and students.

Despite criticism and dissatisfaction, Joko’s popularity remains high among the general public. Some experts believe that any opposition to Joko’s rule is currently limited to cyberspace and does not pose a significant threat to his popularity. However, there are concerns that dissatisfaction with Joko will continue to grow until he leaves office in October and may persist if Prabowo is elected as his successor.

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As the election draws near, Indonesia is at a critical juncture, with many questioning the future of its democracy and the impact of Joko’s legacy. The next president will inherit a nation grappling with these issues, and the outcome of the election may determine the course of Indonesia’s political landscape for years to come.

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