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The Pope: “I still ask for forgiveness, no more sexual abuse. No to the idea of ​​a culture superior to others”

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The Pope: “I still ask for forgiveness, no more sexual abuse. No to the idea of ​​a culture superior to others”

“The Church in Canada has started a new path, after being hurt and upset by the evil perpetrated by some of its children. I am thinking in particular of the sexual abuses committed against minors and vulnerable people, scandals that require strong action and an irreversible fight. I would like, together with you, to ask for forgiveness from all the victims. The pain and shame we feel must become an occasion for conversion: never again! ”.

It is during Vespers with the clergy celebrated in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Quebec, the penultimate stage of his trip to Canada, that Francis uses the harshest words against a plague, that of pedophilia, which still has to be completely overcome. The Pope speaks in one of the highest speeches among those pronounced on this penitential journey, an invitation addressed above all to the Church to convert.

Francis does this before the clergy, with words that trace the ecclesiological lines of the presence of the Catholic Church in society. He does so again citing the case of the natives, with the cultural colonizations fielded by the Catholic Church itself: “Thinking of the path of healing and reconciliation with the indigenous brothers and sisters – he says -, the Christian community will never allow itself to be contaminated by the idea that there is a superiority of one culture over others and that it is legitimate to use means of coercion towards others. Let us recover the ardor of your first bishop Saint François de Laval who lashed out against all those who degraded the natives by inducing them to consume drinks to cheat them. We do not allow any ideology to alienate and confuse the styles and forms of life of our peoples to try to bend and dominate them ”.

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Too many times the sexual abuse of minors has been a consequence of psychological abuse perpetrated in the name of a moral superiority that in fact cannot exist. This is why it is necessary to fight the idea of ​​a culture superior to the others: “But to defeat this culture of exclusion we must begin: the pastors, who do not feel superior to the brothers and sisters of the People of God; pastoral workers, who do not understand their service as power. It starts from here “, adds the Pope.” You are the protagonists and builders of a different Church: humble, meek, merciful, who accompanies the processes, who works decisively and serenely on inculturation, which values ​​each and every cultural diversity and religious. We offer this testimony! ”.

No superiority is legitimate, not even where a secularization reigns that makes one feel, wrongly, that one is superior. With respect to the problem of “secularization”, Francis invites us to flee from the “negative gaze”, which “often arises from a faith which, feeling attacked, conceives itself as a kind of ‘armor’ to defend oneself from the world“. “With bitterness he accuses reality by saying: ‘the world is bad, sin reigns’, and thus risks putting on a ‘crusading spirit’. Let us be careful about this, because he is not Christian”, Francis affirms.

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