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The Pope inspires young people: to have the courage to dream, to have Jesus in mind, and to live through the difficulties of life together-Vatican News

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Pope Francis encouraged today’s youth to “stand up when everything collapses” and bravely “go against the current” during the mass sermons celebrating World Youth Day and Christ’s Universal King’s Day on November 21st. , “Don’t take shortcuts, don’t do ridiculous things”.

(Vatican News Network)On the morning of November 21st, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Basilica of St. Peter to celebrate the Day of Christ the Universal King. The Universal Church also celebrated World Youth Day at the parish level. The Pope pointed out the two images of Christ in his sermon. , The first image is prophesied by the prophet Daniel in St. John’s “Apocalypse” and the first reading, “He will come down by the clouds”; the second image is that Christ is standing before Pilate Say: “I am the king.”

When reflecting on these two images, the Pope first encouraged young people to “stop and think about these two images of Jesus during their journey towards Lisbon’s World Youth Day in 2023.”

The Pope explained that the first image is of Jesus coming from a cloud, which reminds people of the glory of Christ when the world is exhausted. The pope said: “It makes us realize that the final judge of our lives will belong to Jesus.” “He has come by the clouds to give us peace of mind”, as if saying: “When the storm gathers above your life, I will not Leaving you alone, I will always be with you, and I will bring a bright sky.”

In addition, the prophet Daniel “tells us that in the night vision, he saw the Lord come down by cloud.” The Pope encourages young people to “watch in a night vision”, in other words, keep your eyes bright even in the dark. The Pope said: “In any darkness that we endure in our hearts or see around us, never stop seeking light.”

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Then, the Pope said, the youth was given an exciting and challenging mission: “Stand up when everything around us seems to be collapsing; be a sentinel, ready to see the light in the night vision; in the ruins Become a builder in China; have the ability to dream.” The pope said: “Thank you, because in a world that only considers immediate interests and tends to stifle grand ideals, you have not lost the ability to dream. This helps us adults , It also helps the whole church.”

When talking about the second image of Jesus saying “I am a king” before Pilate, the pope described how we were “stunned by Jesus’ determination, his courage, and his absolute freedom.” The Pope explained: “Jesus did not hide his identity, conceal his intentions, nor use Pilate as an excuse to justify him.” “He replied with courage derived from the truth:’I am a king.’ He Take responsibility for your own life.”

The Pope went on to explain that by following Jesus and inner freedom, we see the “true face” of life without being “deceived by the current fashion and the brilliance of consumerism.” The Pope added: “We are not here to be bewildered by the dazzling and dazzling brilliance of the world’s singing and dancing, but to control our lives and grit our teeth through the difficulties of life, so that our lives can be reached to completion.” “In this way, With the freedom of Jesus, we can find the courage needed to go against the current.”

At the end of the sermon, the Pope encouraged the youth: “Be passionate about the truth, so that you can say with your dreams,’My life is not captured by the way of thinking of the world, I am free, because through From justice, love and peace, I and Jesus will be king’.”

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