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The Pope lands in Québec: “Stop the arms race.” And warns: “Politics should not look at the electoral deadlines and the support of the lobbies”

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The Pope lands in Québec: “Stop the arms race.” And warns: “Politics should not look at the electoral deadlines and the support of the lobbies”

“We do not need to divide the world into friends and enemies, to distance ourselves and rearm ourselves to the teeth: it will not be the arms race and deterrence strategies that will bring peace and security. wars, but how to stop them. And to prevent the peoples from being held hostage again by the grip of frightening, extended cold wars “.

Talk about the war papa Francesco, meeting the civil authorities after landing in Québec – the capital of Québec, the second most populous city in the province of Eastern Canada, after Montreal, located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River – the penultimate stage of his trip to Canada which ends on Saturday. In the Citadelle, in front of the governor Mary Simon and to the prime minister Justin Trudeau, reiterates what he has repeatedly remarked since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine: the war must be stopped without the arms race being justifiable in any way. Outside, along the streets of the city, hundreds of people await his passage.

The Pope’s journey is all about meeting the native populations of the country who, up to the last century, suffered the devastating effects of cultural assimilation policies, including by exponents of the Catholic Church. And here too Francis, as in the days before Edmonton, never tires of remembering that these policies have damaged “many indigenous families, undermining their language, culture and vision of the world“. And again: “In that deplorable system promoted by the government authorities of the time, which separated so many children from their families, various local Catholic institutions were involved; for this I express shame and pain and, together with the Bishops of this country, I renew the my request for forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against indigenous peoples “. The Pope explains that “it is tragic when believers, as happened in that historical period, adapt to the conveniences of the world rather than to the Gospel. If the Christian faith has played an essential role in shaping Canada’s highest ideals, characterized by desire to build a better country for all its people, it is necessary, admitting their faults, to work together to realize what I know you all share: to promote the legitimate rights of native peoples and to foster healing and reconciliation processes between them and non-indigenous people of the country “.

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Francis recalls that what the natives have suffered can still be repeated today in other forms. This is why he speaks out against “ideological colonization” and “the cancel culture that evaluates the past only on the basis of certain current categories”. Thus, he says, “a cultural fashion is established that uniforms, makes everything equal, does not tolerate differences and focuses only on the present moment, on the needs and rights of individuals, often neglecting duties towards the weakest and most fragile: poor, migrants, the elderly, the sick, the unborn … “.

Québec City, located on the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River, owes its name to an indigenous word meaning “where the river narrows”. Here respect for the environment is a dogma accepted by all. This city can be an example in the world. Young people everywhere, Francis says, “deserve a better future than the one we are preparing for them, they deserve to be involved in the choices for the construction of today and tomorrow, in particular for the safeguarding of the common home, for which the values ​​and teachings of indigenous peoples “. The Pope also says: “The great challenges of today, such as peace, climate change, pandemic effects and international migrations are united by one constant: they are global, they concern everyone. And if they all speak of the need for the whole, the politics cannot remain a prisoner of partisan interests. It is necessary to be able to look, as indigenous wisdom teaches, at the seven future generations, not at the immediate convenience, at the electoral deadlines, at the support of the lobbies “.

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