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The Rapid Evolution of Women’s Football: Insights from a Member of the Women’s World Cup Technical Research Team

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The Rapid Evolution of Women’s Football: Insights from a Member of the Women’s World Cup Technical Research Team

Title: The Rapid Evolution of Women’s Football in the World: Exclusive Interview with Chen Wanting, Member of Women’s World Cup Technical Research Team

Date: August 5, 2023

Melbourne, Australia – Since the commencement of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the Technical Study Group (TSG) has emerged as a mysterious yet influential organization. Serving as the “technical and tactical team” of the World Cup, TSG conducts comprehensive analysis of every game, keeping a keen eye on the latest trends in football techniques and tactics. This group also plays a significant role in selecting the tournament’s best player and best team accolades.

Among the 12-member roster of the TSG team, Chen Wanting, the 34-year-old coach of the Jiangsu women’s football team, stands out as the youngest member. Charged with analyzing the group matches in Dunedin, New Zealand, Chen Wanting sheds light on the salient features of the World Cup and the evolving trends in football techniques and tactics during an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency.

When asked about her feelings regarding her new role, Chen Wanting expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity. Though her dream is to lead a team to compete in the World Cup, she acknowledges that participating in another capacity offers a valuable learning experience and the chance to communicate with high-level coaches. Chen Wanting’s previous involvement in technical statistics during the World Cup further adds to her expertise.

The interview delved deeper into the demands of her current position, requiring strong technical and tactical skills, as well as effective language and communication abilities. Chen Wanting emphasized the importance of communication and management within coaching, acknowledging the varying perspectives and ideas held by players, team staff, and clubs. She believes that effective communication skills are crucial in maintaining a harmonious team environment.

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Turning to the technical and tactical trends seen in the Women’s World Cup, Chen Wanting highlighted the rapid evolution of women’s football worldwide. Specifically, she noted the significant improvement in goalkeeper skills, which has led to a decrease in the average number of goals scored in the tournament. Additionally, she mentioned the enhanced defensive capabilities of teams, leading to closer matches and the increased importance of penalties, set-pieces, and corners in offense.

When discussing the significance of data analysis in football, Chen Wanting expressed her belief that it is becoming increasingly vital. She shared an anecdote about Manchester United, who sent six analysts to study a Barcelona game before defeating them in the Europa League. Chen Wanting stated that football is now in the era of big data, where relying solely on subjective observation is insufficient. As part of TSG, she appreciates the access to objective data provided by FIFA and encourages its larger implementation in football.

Addressing the progress of leagues across the globe, Chen Wanting emphasized the need for improvement in the Women’s Super League in her home country, China. To support the national team effectively, she believes that enhancing the quality of the league is crucial. Currently, due to the league’s lower level, national team players have longer training periods or participate in games abroad, negatively impacting the league’s overall standard. Chen Wanting stressed the importance of progress to avoid regression in an era where women’s football is flourishing globally.

Regarding the state of women’s football reserve talents in China, Chen Wanting shared her observations from working with the Jiangsu Women’s Football Team. Contrary to initial expectations, she discovered a dearth of players, particularly when national team players are unavailable due to international engagements. The lack of sufficient training and a limited number of available players impede progress and development.

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As the interview concluded, Chen Wanting reiterated her ultimate goal of leading a team to the World Cup. She expressed her desire to continue learning and accumulating experiences, acknowledging the importance of building a solid foundation to ensure her capacity as a coach matches the responsibilities of coaching at such a high level.

It is evident from the interview that women’s football is rapidly evolving, and the World Cup serves as a crucial platform for promoting its growth. Through her role in TSG and experience as a coach, Chen Wanting showcases her commitment to advancing women’s football, both in China and internationally.


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