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The real estate speculators flock to the meta universe!A piece of virtual land sold to 27 million well-known singer Lin Junjie also joined the craze provider Finance Association

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The real estate speculators flock to the meta universe!A piece of virtual land sold to 27 million well-known singer Lin Junjie also joined the boom

The Financial Associated Press (Shanghai, editor Bian Chun) reported that since the US technology giant Facebook announced on October 30 that it was renamed Meta and will make every effort to build the Meta Universe platform, Meta Universe has set off a wave of enthusiasm in the world and has become the hottest one in the market. concept. Nowadays, a wave of real estate speculation is also blowing from the physical real estate to the meta universe.

According to a report released by the cryptocurrency giant Grayscale in November, the advertising, digital activities, e-commerce and hardware sectors in Metaverse may generate US$1 trillion in revenue each year. Under the huge business opportunities, many global giants including Microsoft and Disney announced their investment in the construction of Metaverse.

In the past month, Metaverse Real Estate has also become a target for investors to “snatch”. They don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy land on virtual world platforms such as Sandbox and Decentraland.

After purchasing “virtual land” on the virtual world platform, you can build your own virtual house on it, you can also build your own brand, or display your non-functional game collection. In short, as the “owner”, you can renovate this piece of land to whatever you like, and you can resell it on the open market just like the real house and land in the later stage.

With the continuous influx of individual players and “real estate speculators”, the buying and selling prices of virtual land have repeatedly broken the previous high. Investors believe that as more and more people flood into this field, their virtual real estate will increase substantially. Perhaps, in the near future, people will not be able to buy a house even in the virtual world!

This Tuesday (November 30), this craze reached a new peak. A piece of virtual land on the Sandbox was sold for USD 4.3 million (approximately 27.39 million RMB), setting a new record for the transaction price of “Meta Universe” real estate and breaking the record of USD 2.43 million for a piece of virtual land on the Decentraland platform. Even in the most prosperous Manhattan in the United States, the average house price is not so high.

According to reports, the buyer of this virtual land is Republic Realm, a company that invests in and develops virtual real estate and other digital assets. Public information on the market shows that Republic Realm currently owns approximately 2500 digital lands on 19 different meta-universe platforms.

Singapore’s well-known singer JJ Lin also announced recently that he had bought three virtual lands on the Decentraland platform and officially set foot in the meta universe. It is estimated that he spent about 123,000 U.S. dollars on these three pieces of “land”, or about 783,000 yuan.

He posted his own land on Twitter and publicly recruited neighbors, saying, “Is there anyone here?”

What do analysts think of Meta Universe real estate speculation?

Is it true that Meta Universe real estate speculation has unlimited “money”? Will the influx of all kinds of capital end up in a feather?

In response to why people buy virtual real estate, CMB International stated that these properties have real value. Justin Bieber held an online concert in the virtual world in November this year. LV and Gucci also plan to rent advertising spaces in the game to advertise. In addition, non-homogeneous tokens have appreciated rapidly. Under the dual drive of currency speculation and real estate speculation, asset appreciation has become even stronger.

Shen Yi, director of the International Governance Research Base of Cyberspace at Fudan University, believes that the price of land in real life is determined by the value it generates, and land can be turned into construction land. The value of the commercial and residential buildings above him determines the price of land. However, if you buy a piece of code on the virtual world platform and build a building in it, how can you ensure that everyone is willing to live in it?

Shen Yi said that maybe some people want to use this to lure the next person in, so that they can get rid of them at a high price and realize the Ponzi scheme of rapid wealth growth.

Zheng Lei, chief economist of Baoxin Financial Group, believes that strictly speaking, the so-called “real estate” in Meta Universe can only be regarded as a virtual digital product. However, because there is no real asset and it does not conform to the concept of digital assets, it is currently unable to be related. Legal protection.

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