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The resignation of Mario Draghi, seen from Russia

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The resignation of Mario Draghi, seen from Russia

The resignation of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, are “an internal affair of Italy and we do not want to interfere. We can only see that the period of your government coincided with a very unfortunate phase in our bilateral relations”. Here it is, the first reaction of the Kremlin, pronounced by the spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Moscow on the Italian government crisis: “Rome looks for the causes in its own mistakes”. The Farnesina: “Serious interference”

by our correspondent Rosalba Castelletti

If Moscow is toasting, as was recently suggested by the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, who in several interviews had alluded to a Russian direction behind the crisis of the Italian government, stating that “the leadership of that country works to destabilize Italy and Europe”, does not show it for now. On the other hand, already yesterday, the pugnacious spokesperson for diplomacy Maria Zakharovayesterday he replied: “We advise European politicians to look for the causes of their internal crises in their mistakes and lack of professionalism, the socio-economic consequences of which are increasingly felt by ordinary citizens of the countries of the European Union”.

Russia, Lavrov’s warning: “The geography in Ukraine has changed”

by our correspondent Rosalba Castelletti

Today Zakharova herself limits herself to saying that “Moscow considers Italy a sovereign and independent country, only the Italians can evaluate the Draghi government and only they will have to decide who to vote for” in the future. Insisting: “What does Russia have to do with it? Not only commentators and bloggers, but also Italian political leaders link the internal political changes to Russia and foreign policy. This amazes me, this shocked us,” said the spokeswoman.

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