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The reunification of Ireland would make a major contribution to a more self-reliant Europe

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The reunification of Ireland would make a major contribution to a more self-reliant Europe

Il Ourselves is the Irish political force of left currently majority in both the independent South (Eire) and the Nord subject to British rule (Ulster) and also favored in the next election on 18 May. Sinn Féin’s electoral and political victories pave the way for the reunification of Ireland, the goal of
historic and ultimately ineluctable significance.

The historic significance of the reunification of Ireland is evident if we only bear in mind the fact that it would constitute one of the last stages in the liquidation of the British colonial Empire, which was the main world power for about 130 years (1815-1945), but which had already previously expanded over the entire globe thanks to the undisputed supremacy of its civilian and military fleets.

Britain’s domination of the world was in no way marked by the export of democracy and human rights. Like the other European colonial powers, the British have on the contrary been responsible for massacres go unpunished and oppression intolerable. Just think of the bombings with which Winston Churchill, a great admirer of Mussolini and forerunner of the Bush father and son, attempted to bend the resistance of the Iraqis and to unsuccessfully prevent its independence. In Ireland, too, the history of British rule has been one of oppression and bloodshed. Just think of the bloody Sunday of January 30, 1972, when British soldiers of the First Parachute Regiment opened fire on a peaceful demonstration, causing at least 14 victims.

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It is also for these reasons that it appears completely devoid of credibility the arrogant claim of Western powers to bring human rights to the rest of the world and that the international community appears increasingly reluctant to get involved in senseless wars, which have the sole purpose of perpetuating the domination of these powers on the planet. This is also the real stake of the current conflict, in which the Ukrainian people are used as cannon fodder. Understanding this elementary circumstance constitutes the precondition for being able to put forward proposals which aim at affirming at the same time the independence and sovereignty of theUkraine and the reasons for Russia both with respect to its own security and the rights of the not negligible parts of the Ukrainian population that refer to it, in a new international context characterized by a multipolar government and no longer perched on the asphyxiated and antihistorical claims of the West.

At the same time, the Russian invasion has aroused the fears of small states and autonomist movements which, for understandable reasons, are hostile to the imperial logic of power.
Sinn Féin denounces Russia’s responsibilities in no uncertain terms, asking for its withdrawal from Ukraine, but its request to achieve the reunification of Ireland and therefore the fulfillment of the right to self-determination of the Irish people arises in stark contradiction with the current British government of the conservative Sunar, which constitutes the main cornerstone of NATO in Europe. It is no coincidence that the fiercely anti-popular government of Sunar, scion of a very rich family and owner of half of India, is today, together with ultra-reactionary Poland, the main European reference for Georgia Melonsalthough this is obviously a paradox, given that the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. The particular affinity between Meloni and Sunar represents a further testimony of the maddeningly character Atlanticist of the current Italian government, willing to do anything to satisfy Washington’s requests, as most recently demonstrated by the dispatch of an aircraft carrier as far as near the Chineseas an element of military pressure, albeit ultimately ridiculous, against the Beijing government which, more than any other, is spending itself today on peace, in an increasingly dangerous and uncontrollable situation.

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The reunification of Ireland and the desirable attainment of independence by Scotland e Wales constitute as many steps forward in the fight against Western imperialism and for the reconstruction of a Europe that is finally up to the aspirations of its peoples in terms of peace, democracy, rights and safeguarding the pre-eminent role of the public in the economy. The aphasic and inconsistent Europe that currently exists, reduced to the role of puppet of the United States, NATO and international financial capital must give way to a fully European Union differentin keeping with the new multipolar phase of international relations which is opening up despite the resistance of the declining Western Powers, among which Great Britain continues to occupy a fundamental place.

From many points of view the political project of Sinn Féin, marked internationally by neutrality, pacifism and support of oppressed peoples, including the Palestineand on the national level by the promotion of social rights, therefore constitutes an important contribution e significant to the new Europe that we must build.

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