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“The revolution is coming.” What will happen on Thursday at 7pm?

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“The revolution is coming.”  What will happen on Thursday at 7pm?

The return of Corona. And what a return. Even this time Fabrizio Corona is not denied who, after having heavily commented on the changes of the Mediaset and Rai networks, now the former king of the paparazzi throws a bomb. In fact, it spoils something that is about to arrive on July 6th. With a reel on Instagram, Corona writes: «The revolution is coming. July 6 at 19.00! Feel free to comment, but you will only be able to learn, know and discover the truth as always”. What will he be talking about? what will be the revolution he talks about?

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In the shared reel, Fabrizio Corona can be seen sitting on a chair while smoking and addressing the followers: “They banned me from Instagram, Facebook, I don’t go on television because TV no longer exists ..” begins by sentencing Belen’s ex-boyfriend . And he goes on, does not stop, always showing his “bad” vein that now distinguishes him. He takes sides against the politically correct, against television, newspapers, also criticizing the information which, according to him, today is based on the thought of the “first co *** one who has 10 million followers”, referring to influencers .

The solution

«Faced with all this, I have created my own platform on Telegram where there will be no censorship and I will be able to be free again to be who I have always been and to express myself as if I were at the table, with my lifelong friends, those who follow me for 30 years» continues like a river in full Corona. And finally, he makes an appointment: «From Thursday 6 July at 2.00 pm you can join my Fabrizio Corona premium Telegram channel where I will go back to doing what is most in my comfort zone: telling the truth about everything, about everyone».

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