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The Russia-Ukraine war has made great contributions. The protagonist of the future war has appeared. You can be creative and unique_Drone_Attack_Conflict

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Original title: The Russia-Ukraine war has made great contributions to the future war. The main character has appeared and can be creative and unique.

During the Russo-Ukraine War, the deployment of UAVs was unprecedented. They not only performed the dual tasks of surveillance and attack, but also produced a variety of styles, ranging from small UAVs on the market to larger UAVs in the shape of airplanes. Drones have become a major feature of this war.

Drones have been used on the battlefield for years, were used extensively by the United States during the War on Terror, and have played a major role in various conflicts, including those in Iraq and Nagorno, Azerbaijan. Fighting in the Karabakh region.

But the unprecedented level of use of drones by both sides in the Russia-Ukraine war, the benefits and threats they pose, underscores the importance of armed forces being prepared to use and counter drones in future conflicts.

Bandit, an analyst for the Russian research program at think tank CNA and an expert on drones, said:“The number and scale of the use of drones in the Russo-Ukraine war exceeds that of all previous conflicts.”

Since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian War, drones have played an important role. The Ukrainian army used Turkish-made Balakta armed drones to carry out attack missions, severely defeating the Russian army’s attempt to seize Kyiv.

Both Russia and Ukraine use drones to locate and track enemy forces and to guide artillery attacks. Both sides have also launched attacks with suicide drones.

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Kahn, a researcher at the Council on Foreign Relations, an American think tank, said that when the Russo-Ukraine war broke out, many drone technologies were becoming more mature, complete, easy to obtain, and cheap, which allowed people to make more attempts to use them.

Kahn pointed out that when the cost of drones is much lower than that of countermeasures, it poses a challenge to defenders, as evidenced by the repeated attacks by the Russian army on Ukrainian energy infrastructure with drones provided by Iran.

The Russo-Ukraine war has become a testing ground for counter-drone means, and the United States has offered Ukraine a variety of options, from machine guns to dedicated air defense systems.

U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Ryder said that the use of drones on the battlefield can be creative and unique, and countering drones requires continuous efforts.

Bandit pointed out that electronic countermeasures have played an important role in the confrontation between the two sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict against drones.

Bandit also said that the Russo-Ukrainian war had shown that countering drones “is absolutely critical in terms of systems, technology and training.”

He mentioned: The armed forces must adapt. They have to adjust to the fact that any belligerent now and in future wars could have drones of the sorts we saw in the Russo-Ukrainian war.Return to Sohu to see more


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