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The Russian army may deploy a “mobile crematorium” British defense minister: chilling | truck | Russia | soldier

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The Russian army may deploy a “mobile crematorium” British defense minister: chilling | truck | Russia | soldier

[NTDTV, Beijing time on February 26, 2022]As Russian President Vladimir Putin advances his attack on Ukraine, a video of Russia’s mobile crematorium, originally released in 2013, has gained renewed attention. Western defense experts say the “trucks” could be used to burn corpses to hide the true nature of the war.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told The Telegraph on Thursday night: “If I were a soldier and knew that my generals had so little confidence in me, I would As far as they follow me into battle with a mobile crematorium, or if I’m a mother or father of a son and may be deployed to a combat zone and my government thinks the way to cover up the damage is to have a mobile crematorium, I would be very, very worried.”

The mobile crematorium looks like a truck, which is believed to have enough space to “vaporize” one body at a time, The Telegraph reported.

A 2013 video of a “mobile crematorium” shows how bodies are processed in an incinerator hidden inside a truck. These “crematoriums” are believed to be one of the vehicles that followed the Russian army to conceal the true scale of the war. (Click here for the related video.)

Referring to the aforementioned video, Wallace said it had a chilling side effect on how the Russians viewed their troops.

Wallace believes that the use of mobile crematoriums “may say everything you need to know about the Russian regime” during the Russian invasion “to see some of the things they did before”.

Meanwhile, numerous members of the Russian Soldier Mothers’ Committee have complained that some of the young soldiers sent to fight in Ukraine were actually tricked into enlisting.

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The committee is an NGO that was established in 1989. They issued a statement on the 24th saying that many of the young conscripts had been deceived into the army and had been told to go to the border for exercises. The commission said the soldiers would be beaten if they wanted to quit.

Andrei Kurochkin, the group’s vice-president, told Russian website Takie Del: “We got a flurry of calls from terrified mothers all over Russia. They were crying and they didn’t know if their children were alive or not. is healthy.”

“If there is a war, then professionals should deal with it, not untrained newcomers.” Kulochkin said that having soldiers fight under “coercion” was “a total disaster.”

Kulochkin further explained that the young men were told to go to the border exercises, and then their contracts were modified to say that they were there to fight. There were even instances of violence, where those who refused to become contract soldiers were beaten. After that, what happened to them is completely unknown as their phones were taken.

The Ukrainian army released pictures of some captured soldiers on the 24th, many of whom looked very young indeed. Now, the Union of Committees of Mothers of Russian Soldiers is preparing to file a formal complaint with the Office of the Chief Military Prosecutor.

In the early hours of the 26th, the center of Kiev was still in the hands of Ukraine. The fierce fighting the night before appeared to prevent the rapid advance of Russian troops into the city. All night, explosions and gunfire could be heard around Kiev.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was the “number one target” of Russian assassins and his family was “the number two”, but said he did not leave Kiev and dismissed the Ukrainian military as laying down its weapons “We will protect the country”.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Li Zhaoxi/responsible editor: Lin Qing)

URL of this article: https://www.ntdtv.com/gb/2022/02/26/a103358438.html

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