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The Russian cruiser Moskva also sunk by the irony of memes on social media

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The Russian cruiser Moskva also sunk by the irony of memes on social media

War is not fought with weapons alone. On the communication front, the most important tool are memes. To fall victim, this time, the flagship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, the Moskva. The hashtag #Moskva has been trending for hours and has been used by users to inquire about the fate of the Russian missile cruiser, sunk by Ukrainian “Neptune” missiles and now a wreck of 186 meters on the seabed. According to Russia, the craft lost stability while she was being towed during a storm and then caught fire due to ammunition on board.

From that moment, on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram, the most absurd theories began to be talked about and great space was also given to irony. Memes, funny pictures and videos that humorously recounted what happened to Moskva began to circulate with speed and to be shared by many people online.

Some have enjoyed associating the sinking of the cruiser with the “Ctrl + Z” shortcut of our keyboards that allows us to go back. “Operation Ctrl + Z” is the wording that refers to making the warship appear again and, at the same time, parodying the Russian notion of “special operation” relating to the military attack on Ukraine.

Some users also relaunched the photo of the sunken Russian missile launcher with the caption: “Heroic cruiser Moskva promoted to submarine”. Ukrainian President Zelensky also posted on his Instagram profile the photo of the new stamps dedicated to this special operation. “The phrase, which has become a symbol of the steadfastness of the Ukrainian defenders, is now on the stamps. Use and remember that the “Russian warship” always has only one direction “reads the photo that depicts a soldier showing the middle finger to Moskva, a photo inspired by the soldiers of the Island of the Snakes who, in the early stages of conflict, they had abused the cruiser himself, who ordered him to surrender.

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Among the memes there are also those who took a cue from the use of tractors by Ukrainian peasants who are used to tow the wrecks of the Russian armies. In the ironic images, “underwater tractors” are seen dragging the Russian ship away.

Finally, a hilarious CGI video was also released showing the boat falling from the sky and hitting Moscow’s Red Square, destroying the Kremlin and surrounding structures.

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