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the SASE 5G strategy for the security of cellular and hybrid WAN networks

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the SASE 5G strategy for the security of cellular and hybrid WAN networks

Above all, companies with connectivity beyond the traditional fixed sites will benefit from the SASE solution

Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-managed 5G and LTE wireless edge connectivity solutions, today announced the launch strategy of the market’s first 5G-optimized Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, designed for the enterprise world and purpose-built for wireless wide area network (WAN) deployments. With unique cellular capabilities and the simplicity of Cradlepoint’s cloud-based management platform, NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint SASE 5G is a zero trust solution, featuring cellular intelligence, cloud and SIM-based security, capable of responding to the challenges and threats businesses face today.

As connectivity needs beyond fixed sites evolve, including vehicles and IoT, businesses are relying on the flexibility and agility of wireless WAN and 5G.

Increasingly geographically extended networks, coupled with an increase in connected devices and often inadequate network security solutions, can significantly increase security vulnerabilities. With the forecast of 30 billion of IoT devices by 2027 and the perennial shortage of IT professionals, integrating SASE solutions with a 5G-centric approach is critical to managing the Wireless WAN infrastructure.

As the market leader in wireless WANs and with the recent acquisition of Ericom, Cradlepoint is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive, 5G-optimized SASE solution that enables enterprises to address the security challenges posed by larger networks.

Cradlepoint SASE 5G will be made available in phases over the next 12 months:

Cellular Intelligence Cradlepoint: Already available today, cellular telemetries, such as signal strength and data plan usage, can be used for SD-WAN traffic management. As 5G Standalone (SA) networks become more widespread, Cradlepoint’s network slicing capabilities will work with carrier services to deliver network slice-based isolation and prioritization.
SIM-based security: Cradlepoint offers SIM management and GPS tracking to protect your devices and detect illegal movement. Cradlepoint’s vision for the future is to work with carriers on stronger SIM-based security, using SIM as the basis for authentication, regardless of connection hardware.
Sicurezza Zero Trust Connect-and-Go: Creating WAN networks with just a few clicks, SASE 5G replaces complex VPNs. The Zero Trust approach reduces the lateral attack surface: connected devices become invisible to the outside world and to other sites. This functionality will soon be provided by the cloud, providing an easier deployment option.
Cloud Delivered Security: Ericom’s complete suite of SSE solutions, including SWG, CASB, RBI and DLP, protect users browsing in fixed and mobile environments from threats such as phishing and ransomware. Cradlepoint will integrate these capabilities with existing zero trust and SD-WAN solutions in Cradlepoint NetCloud, to provide IT teams with a single pane of glass user experience.

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“As businesses evolve and their connectivity diversifies, including sites, vehicles and IoT, a more 5G-focused approach to security and management is needed. An updated approach to SASE solutions is essential for modern organizations to defend themselves in a context of growing attack surfaces”he has declared Todd Krautkremer, CMO of Cradlepoint. “Current SASE solutions are not optimized for 5G. Cradlepoint’s strategy is to provide IT teams with a security solution that responds to changing business needs and networking needs.”

“A complete, 5G-optimized SASE solution will enable IT teams to manage network security, access policies, and wireless connectivity monitoring across any hybrid WAN,” he has declared Shamus McGillicuddyvice president of research di Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Cradlepoint’s vision includes defining SASE for hybrid WANs.”

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