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The second day after Xi Jinping sent a message, an old friend of the CCP was formally arrested | Prime Minister | Massimov | Charges | Suspected of treason | CCP | Xi Jinping |

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[Voice of Hope, January 9, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Han Mei)Karim Massimov, the former prime minister of Kazakhstan and head of the National Security Council, was arrested on January 8 on “suspected treason”. The outside world is reminded of the message that the Chinese leader Xi Jinping sent to Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on January 7.

Massimov, who served twice as Kazakhstan’s prime minister and later chairman of Kazakhstan’s National Security Council, is a close ally of former Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev. After the conflict broke out in Kazakhstan a few days ago, Massimov was quickly dismissed by the current president as chairman of the National Security Council and detained. On the 8th, the National Security Council of Kazakhstan announced on its official website that Massimov was formally arrested.

Massimov was accused of being “suspected of treason”, which has attracted attention from the outside world, because at the moment when the CCP’s official media spread the involvement of US forces to trigger the unrest in Kazakhstan, Massimov was not a pro-US faction. On the contrary, Massimov and China There is a close relationship.

After graduating from high school, Massimov was trained by the KGB to study counter-intelligence work. In 1985, he was sent to Beijing Language Institute by the KGB in the name of a public student to study Chinese. After graduating in 1989, Massimov entered the Law School of Wuhan University to study international law.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Massimov became Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and was reused all the way. During his tenure in office, Massimov visited China many times and met with Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang and others.

Some people noticed that after Masimov was censored on the 6th, Xi Jinping sent an oral letter to President Tokayev on the 7th, expressing his support for the crackdown and saying that “China firmly opposes any force to destabilize Kazakhstan.” Moff was formally arrested. This timeline seems to hold a lot of information.

On the Chinese portal NetEase, a self-media article also appeared, saying that this is an infighting at the highest level in Kazakhstan. Presidents Tokayev and Massimov on both sides are both Chinese, but in comparison In other words, Massimov has a deeper relationship with China. The article concludes by saying: “At the highest level of a country, both the ‘first-in-command’ and the ‘second-in-command’ are out-of-the-box ‘China Hands’. Political infighting at different levels is even rarer. Let us wait and see how this infighting between neighbors will develop.”

The article vaguely wrote about the long-term infiltration of the CCP in Kazakhstan, and the blow this unrest may have on the CCP. It is also worth pondering that this article survives for a long time in a tightly regulated environment.

January 8, Tokayev inJanuary 6thOn the 8th, I talked to Turkish President Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin to report the domestic situation in Kazakhstan.

However, according to public reports from various parties, Tokayev did not communicate with Xi Jinping.

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