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The secret of Brad Pitt’s youth | Magazine

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The secret of Brad Pitt’s youth |  Magazine

What is responsible for the youthful appearance of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt?

Source: Profimedia

During the Wimbledon finals this year, in addition to Novak and Alcaraz, all eyes were on Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt. People couldn’t believe what happened to the famous actor. The photos before and after Wimbledon didn’t seem to show the same person. His incredibly youthful face for a man who is on the threshold of his seventh decade simply seemed to many to be a “miracle” of medicine.

The media did not stop writing about the secret of Brad Pitt’s youth. Many wondered what he did to his face and whether he underwent cosmetic surgery? Our well-known aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Milan Colić, previously gave his opinion for Kurir TV and said that it was obvious that a surgeon had “intervened” on his face. However, he added that, in the case of Brad Pitt, it is impossible to say what has been done and what has not been done on his face, and that, nevertheless, his appearance is largely due to his excellent genetic heritage…

His appearance triggered an avalanche of comments, while many were interested in his diet and asked if this was the secret of his youthfulness. It certainly contributes to overall health and appearance, including regular physical activity. However, according to Brad Pitt, the truth is hidden in the cosmetics and facial care industry. The key is in “deep hydration”.

“The matter is simple. JAfter cleansing my face in the morning, I apply serum and day creamu, and i’m done. In the evening, cleansing my face again because I’m very dedicated to cleansing my face, serum again and then night cream and that’s it,” Brad said in an interview.

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See for yourself and judge:


03:34 SECRETS OF BRAD PITT’S YOUTHFUL LOOK: Is it all about cosmetic surgery, or? Source: Kurir TV

Source: Kurir TV


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