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The Secretary of Hong Kong Security Approves Prisoners’ Use of Chocolate and Other Materials to Endanger National Security Prisoners’ Rights Organization Shiqianghua announces its dissolution

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The Secretary for Security of Hong Kong, Deng Bingqiang, met with the media last Wednesday, accusing inmates and the outside world of trying to establish influence in prisons and endanger China’s national security.

Deng Bingqiang said that organized monopolization of prison supplies in order to earn money and create privileges in prisons. He criticized those in custody for using chocolates and hairpins to solicit followers, making them hate the central government of Hong Kong or Beijing, thereby endangering the Chinese state. Safety.

About a week after the incident, the prisoner rights organization “Shiqianghua” founded by former legislator Shao Jiazhen announced its dissolution on Tuesday. Shao Jiazhen did not respond to whether the decision to dissolve was under political pressure.

Some student organizations stated that they would continue to pay attention to the rights of persons in custody and questioned why the authorities believe that small materials such as snacks and hairpins would endanger China’s national security.

In 2019, there was a large-scale street demonstration in Hong Kong’s anti-transmission movement. Coupled with the implementation of the “Minato National Security Law” on June 30, 2020, the police conducted numerous raids and a large number of demonstrators and democrats were arrested, imprisoned and returned. pen.

Commissioner of Correctional Services accused Yuan Jiawei of soliciting followers in prison

According to the Hong Kong online media “Position News”, 76% of the defendants were not released on bail in cases involving the National Security Law. Some defendants, such as the vice chairman of the People’s Forces Tan Dezhi, have even been remanded for more than one year. The Democratic Party’s primary election 47 More than 30 defendants have been returned for more than half a year in the human case.

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In an interview published in the South China Morning Post on Sunday (September 12), the director of the Hong Kong Department of Corrections and Correctional Services, Hu Yingming, who manages prisons, mentioned one of the 47 defendants who was returned in the case of 47 people, the former Southern District Councillor Yuan Jiawei.

Hu Yingming said that when Yuan Jiawei was taken back to the detention center after serving his sentence on June 4 last year’s unapproved assembly case in August, about five prisoners hugged her and held up a homemade card in the cell to welcome her back. Hu Yingming described Yuan Jiawei as being “heroically welcomed.” He believes that this move goes beyond pure friendship and proves that other prisoners have been influenced by Yuan Jiawei and follow her subconsciously.

“Black Panther Troops” were dispatched to quell collective prison operations

Hu Yingming said that this is unprecedented, and the gang started in this way, just like a terrorist organization soliciting followers. They will help people in custody “play tricks” in prison, “and then follow you after they get out of prison.” Hu Yingming said that these situations are like a “triad society.” At the beginning, they will not spread ideas, but after recruiting and caring for the prisoners, they will begin to educate their followers and promote their ideas.

Hu Yingming emphasized that the relevant behaviors need to be stopped, otherwise it will endanger China’s national security. He also said that not only should it stop at the beginning of the bud, but also prevent relevant people from sowing seeds.

The Correctional Services Department stated that in a recent raid at the Luohu Correctional Institution where Yuan Jiawei was returned, it was discovered that the target person and five other people had hidden contraband during a raid at one of the work sites, and disciplinary action was taken against her, triggering 18 people in the afternoon of the day. The prisoners collectively asked the management to cancel the disciplinary prosecution of six people. Eventually, the Correctional Services Department would dispatch a special team called the “Black Panther Troops” to deal with the situation. The Commissioner of Correctional Services Hu Yingming personally came to command the scene.

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Deng Bingqiang said someone tried to continue the struggle in the prison

During a meeting with the media last Wednesday (September 8), Secretary for Security Deng Bingqiang accused that some persons in custody and the outside world tried to establish influence in prisons and endanger China’s national security. He made five major accusations, including the use of members of parliament, clergy, and other identities, visiting some prisoners who have endangered national security and who had participated in social movements, whispering information, attempting to continue the struggle in the prison, and even spreading harm to the Chinese state. Safe seed.

Deng Bingqiang said: “These people will use a lot of different identities, including some clergy, some parliamentarians, or some other people’s identities, and then they will visit, that is, visiting these people is related to endangering national security and is related to’black violence’. The people involved, thus passing these messages around, are making a whistleblower behavior.”

Prisoners used chocolate and other materials to endanger national security

Deng Bingqiang said that an organized monopolization of the supply of prison goods in order to earn money and create privileges in the prison room. He criticized those in custody for using chocolates and hairpins to solicit followers and using these privileges to make them hate the central government of Hong Kong or Beijing. Thus endangering China’s national security.

Deng Bingqiang said: “In addition, they are all creating’privileges’. Many people may find it strange,’Qu (she) has multiple top clips (hairpins),’ and’more than one. Chocolate (chocolate), what’s the big problem? These inconspicuous things in our daily life represent a’privilege’ in the prison. Many people can transport some of these things into the prison (prison ), to collect these things so that these items become a’privilege’. In the (prison) they will recruit some of its followers, so as to use its’privileges’ to establish these influences and make the people in the prison Affected, and thus hate the government even more, hate the Hong Kong government, and possibly hate the (Beijing) central government, thereby endangering national security.”

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Prison rights organization Shiqianghua announced its dissolution

About a week after the incident, the prisoner rights organization “Shiqianghua”, founded by former legislator Shao Jiazhen, announced its dissolution on Tuesday (September 14). “Stone Wall Flower” issued a statement on the social networking site, stating that it has been working hard for 9 months and will officially end today. Even if it is crushed in the end, the time before it is worth it.

In an interview with the media, Shao Jiazhen stated that the dissolution was a decision made by all employees on Sunday night (September 12) after consultation. “Something happened” that day, but it was inconvenient to disclose. He emphasized that “the most important people are nothing.”

Shao Jiazhen’s message to the people of Hong Kong, “The most important person is okay” (The most important person is okay) (Voice of America/Tang Huiyun)

Shao Jiazhen said: “The flowers bloom and fall, and there is no intention to meet and meet. Hong Kong people are’preserving one’s life is the most important’ (preserving life is the most important),’the most important person is okay’ (the most important person is okay).

Shao Jiazhen emphasized that since the establishment of Stonewall Flower in September months, every step has been a camp to provide humanitarian support for the inmates and their families. He did not respond to whether the decision to disband was under political pressure.

Shao Jiazhen said: “We originally wanted to do the most humble job, which is to send a glass of cold water to the family members and persons in custody. Unfortunately, this glass of water may have been’too hot’ by now.”

The reporter asked: “Is it because of political pressure or there are some problems in itself (to dissolve Shiqianghua)?”

Shao Jiazhen said: “We won’t say much, sorry, these’all people’s thoughts’ and’everyone’s knows’.”

Zhang Chaoxiong’s criticism that Deng Bingqiang’s chocolate endangers national security is a joke

Zhang Chaoxiong, a former Legislative Council member of the Labor Party who often visits prisons, said in an interview with Voice of America that Deng Bingqiang said that inmates used chocolate and hairpins to endanger China’s national security. He believed that “it is a joke.”

Zhang Chaoxiong said: “Deng Bingqiang’s remarks are’just a joke’, that is, if a few chocolates (chocolate) or hairpins can endanger national security, they can be pulled so far, so there is nothing harmful. Not national security. Even in prisons, many people really don’t have the chance to be visited (visited), so it (persons in custody) may be true, because the prison rules are very strict, and you sometimes have too much storage. A little material in hand, and these materials are not from some contraband, these are not drugs, these are’M&M’ chocolate (chocolate), it (persons in custody) may have to’save food’ ( Save eating), because no one will visit (visit) it for a long time, so it first stores some that may be considered excessive. The so-called excessive, that is, there may be a few packets of chocolate (chocolate), which may have been excessive. .”

Concerned that the authorities deploy measures to tighten visits by political prisoners

Zhang Chaoxiong said that if there are persons in custody who hate the Hong Kong government or the Beijing central government, he believes it is often caused by political suppression measures. Zhang Chaoxiong is worried that the authorities’ high-profile accusations of persons in custody are suspected of endangering China’s national security. Prisoners’ visits, and external humanitarian support for persons in custody.

The stone wall flower is located outside the office door in Lai Chi Kok, and there is a blackboard with the words

The stone wall flower is located outside the office door in Lai Chi Kok, and there is a blackboard with the words “The most important person is nothing” (The most important person is nothing) (Voice of America/Tang Huiyun)

Zhang Chaoxiong said: “That is, how can it become a perception that creates this’hate the government’, and then affects national security? This’hate the government’ is actually caused by their officials and these political suppression measures. , It’s not the two chocolates (chocolates), they (officials) are “spoken” (unreasonable). I believe that their current practices show that it may be in these aspects, that is, no matter what the visit , That is, visits, or some humanitarian support, or some materials, may further suppress some political prisoners, or further tighten the humane treatment of prisoners. I believe it is doing these things now , Is for the more severe measures in the future, is to be a’prelude’.”

Student organizations don’t give up helping people in custody and their families

Wang Yizhan, the convener of a student organization that is concerned about prison rights, said in an interview with the Voice of America that he was shocked to learn that Shiqianghua had announced its dissolution, because Shiqianghua is a formal institution serving persons in custody and their families and questioned the authorities. Raise the snacks and other supplies of prisoners to a level that endangers China’s national security. However, he emphasized that he will not give up helping prisoners and their families.

Wang Yizhan said: “Because I saw (to) actually Shiqianghua is a registered company, it is a very formal way to operate (the whole) thing (supporting persons in custody and their families), and some of the services it does, Some counseling, all of which are some of the most basic human rights, and really provide some chocolates (chocolates), or some snacks (snacks), for some (persons in custody) family members. In fact, if this is the case, I will disband. I think, in fact, I wonder if it is really in the eyes of this regime. In fact, a packet of chocolate (chocolate) or a packet of shredded squid can subvert the entire country? That is, I saw this message (Stone Wall Hua disbanded), in fact, I felt very stunned, and when I saw this, I thought that in fact, now, that is, we (Xianxue ideological and political) should actually do our best, that is, we can continue to operate. When there is a free body to survive, we try our best to do everything we can do.”

Xianxue ideological politics refers to mentally prepared to dissolve and still do its best

The reporter asked whether civil society organizations such as the Educational Association, the Chinese People’s Front, the 6-12 Humanitarian Fund, and Shiqianghua have been disbanded one after another under the pressure of the national security law in the past month. Will Xianxue Ideological and Political Council worry about becoming the next target of the authorities? The goal?

Wang Yizhan said that they may be disbanded if they are psychologically prepared, but in the current limited space, they will still stick to it.

Wang Yizhan said: “I don’t think I’m worried about this, because we need to face everything that should come, that is, since we have chosen to’get out of the way’ (stand up), we should’get it out.’ We stand up and have this psychological preparation. We will go there next week, and we will open the street station. We all want to open the street station, talk about some social issues, or talk about the “siblings” in prison (the protesters). The rights and interests of some protesters may be sold on consignment; whatever is good, we must do our best, so that at this moment, before we are disbanded, we all do our best, that is, I dare not say how long we can hold on , But in this limited space, in this limited time, we will continue to do it and do our best.”

Citizens criticize Hong Kong as ridiculous and still insist on not forgetting their original intentions

A Hong Kong citizen under the pseudonym Mrs. Chen said in an interview with Voice of America that after the outbreak of the Anti-Send China Movement in 2019, she has been supporting young people to fight for democracy and freedom. She also donated money to the 6-12 Humanitarian Fund and Stone Wall Flower. The organization was forced to disband under the pressure of the authorities. Chen was too excited to cry. She did not know what other ways could be used to support young people who were imprisoned for participating in social movement. She criticized the authorities’ liquidation actions for being absurd, but she still insisted. Don’t forget the original intention.

Mrs. Chen said: “It’s ridiculous. We’real Hong Kong people’ see what is happening. But it seems that we don’t have the power to do anything, but I won’t give up. Don’t forget my original intention, I will definitely stick to it. Help as much as you can.”

Mrs. Chen, 60, said that she was born and raised in Hong Kong and never thought that Hong Kong would become what it is today. There are so many young people in jail for democracy and freedom, and even a large number of democrats have been prosecuted under the National Security Law without trial. First prisoner, she thinks everything is ridiculous.

Mrs. Chen said: “But the worst thing is that we are worried, but we can’t do things, that is, those (democrats) primaries, as well as’Kaibi’ (Tan Dezhi) and (Internet TV show host) Jie Those, oops, there is nothing I can do, it’s really wrong! I feel like it’s imprisoned if not sentenced. In short, everything is ridiculous, making me feel that this is not like Hong Kong. I have been in Hong Kong for 60 years, that is I think it’s ridiculous now.”

Regarding whether he was worried that the inmates would not be able to support after the dissolution of Stone Wall Flower, the founder Shao Jiazhen did not respond to media questions. As for what to say to the inmates and relatives and friends, he said, “Tears are really our greatest common language. The most important thing is everyone’s safety.”


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