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The slander photos of the United Nations Human Rights Commission came out, and the results were gone! -Chinanews

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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights discredited, the photo came out, and the number was gone!

Recently, Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, posted a post attacking the Cuban government on Twitter, an overseas social platform.

However, this post soon experienced a serious “rollover”.

As shown in the picture below, Bachelet stated in this post that she has issued an appeal to the Cuban government, asking the Cuban government to respond to the dissatisfaction of the Cuban protesters and release all those who were “arrested for exercising their basic rights of freedom” .

Not only that, Bachelet also distributed a visually striking picture in this post, which shows a woman waving the Cuban flag and shouting.

But it was extremely embarrassing that the woman in the picture quickly found her and yelled at Bachelet.

It turned out that the Cuban woman named Betty Pariol Quesada said that she supported the Cuban government and opposed the protesters’ troubles on the streets.

“I strongly condemn the misuse of my pictures and the use of my pictures as symbols to represent criminals and saboteurs,” she protested to Bachelet and shouted slogans supporting the Cuban government.

But what is shocking is that this Cuban woman who was defending her basic rights and protesting against the abuse of her photos was subsequently persecuted by the US-based “Twitter” company: her social account was tweeted It “restricted access” on the grounds that “the account has some unusual behavior.”

However, Bachelet, who is very “concerned” about Cuba’s “human rights”, did not express any views on the matter, let alone apologize to her for misusing the picture of this woman. The post-UN Human Rights Commissioner’s behavior was as if it were a robot executing a certain order. It first deleted the post that had been severely overturned, and then reposted a post with exactly the same content, except that the post with the picture was replaced. Wen, is still criticizing the Cuban government for infringing on the “fundamental rights” of protesters.

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Such a scene of “reversing black and white” naturally caused dissatisfaction among many foreign netizens who support and sympathize with the Cuban government. A post protesting against Bachelet has so far received more than 8,000 reposts and 26,000 likes. In the comments, many netizens wonder if the UN Human Rights Commissioner and Twitter have been approved by the United States. The government has absorbed it.

Some netizens also pointed out that Bachelet’s operation of describing the supporters of the Cuban government as anti-government protesters is exactly the same as the operation of the voice of the US government’s external propaganda agency “Voice of America” ​​a few days ago.

Earlier, the “Voice of America”, the outreach mouthpiece of the U.S. State Department, was found to have described a picture of Cuban people supporting the Cuban government as these people protesting against the Cuban government.

Not only that, but British and American media such as the “New York Times”, “Financial Times”, “Guardian” and Fox News have also experienced the same problems as “Voice of America”.

This weird scene not only further aggravated people’s suspicion about Bachelet’s connection with the U.S. government, but also made people wonder whether those British and American commercial media that seemed “independent from the government” were all “big parties” serving the interests of the U.S. government. Publicity”.

Moreover, as of now, all the mainstream Western media and news agencies have reported that Bachelet has abused other people’s pictures, distorted the facts, and complained by the victim but was “restricted access” by the “Twitter” platform. Pretending to be blind on this matter.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that the core reason why Cuba is currently in turmoil is that the U.S. government has adopted harsh blockade measures against Cuba, which makes it impossible for Cuba to truly develop its economy and respond to the epidemic.

Therefore, at the UN General Assembly on June 23 this year, the 184 countries of the United Nations voted to pass a resolution requiring the United States to lift the embargo and sanctions against Cuba. At that time, even the European Union countries voted unanimously. The behavior has aroused so much resentment from the international community. (Note 1: The two countries that voted against it were the United States and Israel) (Note 2: At that time, the U.S. media did not pay much attention to this resolution that was unfavorable to the United States. Instead, they concentrated their efforts to discredit China’s Hong Kong and Xinjiang policies. This shifts contradictions and topics)

But Bachelet did not condemn the US government’s indifference to this resolution. Instead, he repeatedly posted posts attacking the Cuban government, a victim of US hegemony. This has fully demonstrated how crooked the ass of this “human rights” college is. .


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