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The Sunday Times: “For William, Prince Andrew is a threat to the royal family”

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LONDON. Prince Andrew is a “risk”, indeed a “threat” for the English royal family. To support him, or at least so he filters from the palace, is none other than his nephew, as well as second in line of succession to Queen Elizabeth, or Prince William. Those of the Duke of Cambridge are not public statements. But to report them is the expert Roya Nikkah, the royal correspondent of the Sunday Times, who today dedicated a long article to the controversial second son of the sovereign in which Andrea’s growing isolation is described. Not only outside but also inside the Windsors’ “firm”.

According to the weekly report, William would be very worried about the reputation of his family, which the case of his uncle Andrea, accused of sexual assault on a minor in the Jeffrey Epstein case, risks tarnishing almost indelibly. “Furious” would also be Carlo, heir to the throne, above all because his brother Andrea is still seeking the support of the royal family and an official role in it, despite the infamous civil suit that the American Virginia Roberts Giuffrè has filed against him for alleged sexual abuse when she was a minor.

Great Britain, documents of the complaint for sexual abuse against a minor handed to Prince Andrew

by Enrico Franceschini

“There is no hope that Andrea will return to the front line”, explains a “real source” to Sunday Times, “William is certainly not a supporter of his uncle and believes that this obstinacy of Andrea is very dangerous, also because the latter shows every time that he does not show respect towards his own family”. “Carlo is very fond of his brother”, anonymous informants of the Windsors always tell, “but the matter continues to damage the royal family and the whole institution, it is impossible to return to the previous status quo, the accusations are too serious”. Even the Prince of Wales, after the death of his father Philip, would have rushed to record a video to honoraròp because he feared that Andrew would publicly show mourning before him.

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Epstein case, hard line of the New York judge against Prince Andrew accused of sexual abuse

by Enrico Franceschini

In short, an encirclement seems to have started, unprecedented in these terms, against Andrea by his closest family members. Also because next year the Queen will turn 70 on the throne (record) and the intention is to get there with the best possible reputation. But, according to what they have filtered from the Windsors, the Duke of York does not seem to have understood the gravity of the situation, despite the fact that for months now he has disappeared from the events and official photos of the family, resulting absent and invisible even at the marriage of his daughter Beatrice with the ‘Italian Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Even the latest rumors about the financial support received directly from the Queen for her lawsuit against Virginia Giuffrè, would not be entirely true: Andrea “would not be Elisabetta’s favorite son”, as has often been said over the decades, “is not using any money. public for its private affairs “. Indeed, the sovereign would have an increasingly detached attitude towards him.

Great Britain, Prince Andrew’s lawyers obtain key document for Epstein violence case

by Enrico Franceschini

In short, in the story of the weekly, Andrea, until he has proved his innocence, will have to literally disappear from public life according to his family. Plus, Epstein’s 61-year-old ex-friend seems more and more alone. And he seems to have fewer and fewer friends, who were few before the scandal. Other sources explain how the Duke of York is considered “rude and arrogant in the palace, unlike the kindness that Charles and William show daily even with their servants. Right now, in this difficult time, Andrea has very few people ready to help him” . One, if not the only one, looks like his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The two have been divorced for 25 years now, but they still live together and some say they still love each other. Indeed, “they may remarry soon”.

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